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Pics of the Newborns

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Ok after 65 attempts at getting a picture of each kitten (7) i gave up.

Here are then only two that came out

And here's the football player

Here is a great pic of mom after having her first two:

And here is the whole mess of them. 4 whities, 1 blackie and two that look like mom.

I posted these all in the pregnant forum in that enormous thread i made. I am inexperienced and needed some help during the delivery that took a total of 14 hours. So some VERY kind people helped me through in that thread:

There are more pics on the blog
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Look at all those cute little fuzzies, wow Mom is going to be busy
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You've really got a bunch of cuties there!
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That little black fellow is going to be someone's darling someday!
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I absolutely love the one of mommy "hugging" her baby with that look of complete bliss on her face. Completely precious!
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They are absolutely precious! You're a great person for taking care of the beautiful new mum and her darling babies
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Great pics.....very cute!
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Too terribly sweet for words! I am so glad to have been a part (even as tardy as I was in it) of all of that big old puddle of love! That one pic of Momma and Baby is way too precious pudding!!
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Are we going to enjoy watching these little muffins grow
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
Are we going to enjoy watching these little muffins grow
I know I will!

Bootiful babies! I the mommy snuggling pic
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The pic of mummy cuddling the newborn is priceless , save it and frame it , its amazing , you can really see mummy is like 'phew glad thats over but look what i made!!' lol

I have a tabby girl and tabby boy *both brothers and sister*
Jess x
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Awww, look at the little darlings! I agree with everyone else that the pic of mom and baby is priceless. I read your thread about the birth, and you sure did a great job helping her through it, and helping that little kitten get going when mom was too worn out. You are going to be BUSY with all those little babies! I can't wait to see more pics of them as they grow.
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Awww, so cute!
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oh my goodness!! What tiny little muffins!!!
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Oh my goodness!!! Too cute!!
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Words cannot say!! Oh they are just precious!

You have done so well and must be so proud- of her and you! I got here too late to cheer you on in the thread in the pregnant cat section, but I read the whole thing, and you did great! Wish my husband was more like you!

They're all so special and lucky that they ended up with you. Enjoy watching them grow- it's the best! And we want to enjoy it, too! Hint hint.
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