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no noise when she meows

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My cat is a little over a year old and does not make any noise when she meows. She never has. She opens her mouth and to most people it sounds like she is hissing but she lets out a breathy little "ah" instead of a normal meow. It doesn't seem to bother her and I'm so used to her meows that her little "ah"'s even wake me up in the middle of the night. I've asked my vet but she didn't have ny ideas. Does anyone know why she can't meow?
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Some cats just don't. Not so much that they can't, but that they don't.

I have had cats that would open their mouth, but nothing sept silence would ever come out.
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I've "heard" that some cats don't learn to meow, especially if they aren't raised around other cats. Is that true? If so, maybe that's the case with your baby.
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I used to have a cat like that. The only times she meowed normally was when she was at the veterinary clinic.
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We have one who is almost a year old, and has just started mewing lately - well, she always did when someone accidentally stepped on her tail or something, but now she does it just whenever, like the other cats.
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Of our cats, Max, Romeo and Coal are talkers, Polly squeaks, Lil makes a scratchy meowing sound, Sunshine, Blondie and Jules have soft little meows, Silver has a high pitched meow, and Midnight and Pan almost never meow. It always surprises me when Pan meows, I think in 2 years I have heard her voice less than half a dozen times.
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i have not ONCE heard my Venus (deaf) meows.

When she plays, she gives out a soft trilling noise - very pleaant and sweet. However, she never meows, not even once.

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