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kitten not drinking

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Has anyone known or experienced a young kitten not drinking water?

We have a a persian kitten who has been on her mama and is currently in the vets b/c we almost lost her. She was severely dehydrated and still not sure what happened. I realized that I had never seen her drink from the water bowls ever!

She is chowing big time on the soft food so getting some water however the vet is very concerned that she's not drinking water still.

Anyone any idea what is going on? The vet is not saying much and I'm very concerned.
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How old is she?
If taken from the mother before fully weaned and able to recognize the need to eat food and drink instead of nursing for nutrients there can be problems. She possibly didn't recognize the water as something she must drink.
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She is 8 weeks old and was still on Mama until Saturday when I rushed her to a vet. so you would think she would see Mama and the other cats drinking from the water bowls and know to try it. Right?!?!?
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8 weeks is young, they're still rather clueless at that age. Strange though that she was still with her mother and got dehydrated. Is mother's milk drying up?

You could try mixing kitten formula in with the wet food to make it a soupy gruel. This seems to be a good way to teach them liquids can be drank from a dish. Plus the smelliness of it insures that kittens notice it.

Hopefully she figures it out and it's just because she's young and doesn't know better yet.
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I just know its frustrating.

The vet has said shes been improving but today he called and said she hasnt eaten anything. Im praying for my baby!!!
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Poor little girl. I hope the vet can find out what's wrong.

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Originally Posted by strange_wings View Post
Poor little girl. I hope the vet can find out what's wrong.

Oh me too! *hugs* and prayers for you and your little girl
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The poor little sweetie, Prayers and for your little one.
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