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The Speedbumps Revisited

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Last summer I aquired two road kittens a couple of months apart. Although their clinic files are as fat as most 10 year old cats, (according to the vet) and despite some scary diagnoses along the way, both have survived. We are optimistic that the worst is behind them. I'm quite proud of the boys.

Taz original link

Sootie original link

And today...

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Oh my gosh how absolutely beautiful!!!! What little come backs these guys have made. Does Taz still want you to hold him all of the time?
Great job you have done with them. I hope they warm your heart every single day!!
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what amazing stories! and i wholeheartedly agree that those kittens were 'sent' to you. they needed help so badly and you were the person to give it to them! you are a star!

they are stunning looking cats now, you must be so very proud of them!
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Does Taz still want you to hold him all of the time?
Taz is the more independent of the two. He's okay for a hug and cuddle, but only when it suits him. I call him Tazilla, and the vet calls him At one point they thought his eardrums were ruptured. (they're not) He had so many issues with lymph nodes, respiratory problems, etc, that veterinary visits were a weekly thing. They even suspected FIP. Somewhere along the way Taz decided he wasn't gonna put up with it anymore. He is a force to be reckoned with even on Ace.

Sootie is as mushy as they get and can fall asleep anywhere. (even with his head in the pumpkin bowl) The reason he was sitting in the road was probably because he couldn't walk very well. This picture was after we'd had him for a while and it's probbably not easy to see, but the back of his hind legs were rough and the hair was rubbed off...because that's what he walked on. He looked like one of those weebles moving around. The vets thought it was possibly due to being malnourished, and eventually he did gain full use of his legs. He was more brownish when he was small and then turned black.

Yes, we consider ourselves lucky to have them both.
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Wow, they have come along way They are gorgeous, and so lucky you found them
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Wow they sure have come a long way! How old are they now? They're both so handsome
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They are both so gorgeous!
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Wow, they have grown into beautiful cats!!! They are so lucky to have found you. What a great update!
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Thanks for the comments. They are a couple of handsome boys.

It's weird, cause I was quite distressed about taking in more cats when they showed up, but in the end they turned out to be a gift. We lost one of our two older house kitties in April. Rusty was 15, so I guess you couldn't say it was a shock, but it was unexpected. While nothing makes the sadness or loss any less, the boys somehow helped me to accept what I cannot change. You do the best you can, for as long as you can, and when it's all over there is always someone else that needs your help. That is just the way it is. And we didn't have to choose which of the herd got to move from the cat house to the *big* house. That is probably an argument that would still be ongoing.

How old are they now?
My guess is they were probably both born last May, so they're a year and 3-4 months.
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I'm so sorry you lost Rusty. He probably sent you these two boys to comfort and occupy you
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