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I was given a written warning at work

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For calling in Sunday. Which I had a headache and I was so tired I thought I would fall asleep driving to work much less home. And I was sick to my stomach as well. So I called in. Well apparently a few others called in but that was on a different shift which I had no way of knowing. Well they handed out alot of write ups. What made me made was it was a write up for excessive absentism but I have never missed work before at this place so how could it have been excessive. And I was told if I call in again in the next six months that I would be terminated. I would have thought I could have missed more than two days a year especially when lots of people miss atleast a day every couple of weeks and nothing is said about it. I wrote on the comment section that I did not agree with the write up and I thought it was unfair as I had not missed any work prior to that and according to our hand book we can miss upto atleast 6 days before even getting a verbal warning but I missed once and was given a written warning. I honestly think its discrimination because of the whole incident before were they said a coworker and I were being too friendly but I can't prove it. Oh and I wasn't going to sign the write up but was told if I did not I would be terminated even though you have the write to refuse to sign it by law but at this place if you refuse then they fire you.
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Ew is there someone above the one who gave you the write up that you can discuss this with? Something doesnt sound right about this at all. Dont let them do something underserving to you, Gail, but follow the right protocol in getting to the bottom of it and document everything!
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Dont you have a HR person?
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Gail I would be really upset with that too.

Can you set up an appointment with the manager and discuss this with them and tell them why you think this warning wasn't merited?
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Talk with your local labor board
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Do you have a labour board you can go to. Tell the person who issued you the warning that you wish to speak to HR and that you are going to contact the labour board. There is no way they should be treating you this way if you have not missed any days prior to this.
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Ask if they have records of all the days you've missed since starting - get it printed out. Take this and the handbook with you when you go to get this straightened out.
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I have to go in on friday to pick up my pay check and so I am going to speak to my director of nursing then. I work for a nursing home and we don't have a human resources where I work at. My don is the one who wrote me up. And I wasn't sure what to do since I didn't go to the doctor. But that was because a lack of insurrance and I am not going to the er over a headache. And what's bad is when I called in they waited for a couple of hours and then the nurse called me to make sure I was at home which I was but if I hadn't been due to going to the doctor I would have been in trouble. And I didn't leave them shorthanded because they had the same amount they always schedule us with. I really think the way they are doing is unfair and I am going to make a point of talking to them when I go in on friday. I will not be able to until then but I will deal with them then.
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I have not missed any days prior to this day and I was written up for it.
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I work for a terrible company like that. They don't except Dr's notes to boot! If you get sick and have Dr's note your done.
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You are being railroaded. Yes, talk to the labor board!
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Originally Posted by Tavia'smom View Post
I have not missed any days prior to this day and I was written up for it.
I know this, and you know this. But when you phrase it ask for a record of all days - yes plural. If you say "record of the day I missed" it might sound more confrontational, and the person keeping track of that may not even know either way.

And who knows, maybe someone made a mistake and wrote somewhere that you've missed another day? Either way, just get a printed out record from their files. Cover your butt with proof for your argument.
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I can understand their issue and they probably just blanket wrote everyone up for the same infraction. I wouldn't worry too much.

And I don't think they can just simply fire you for being ill. Just make sure you visit a doctor next time. With only one documented absense they'd have one tough labor issue if you pushed it.

I'm no lawyer but that's what I think.
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It may to help to have a witness with you when you talk to management.
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