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Hey folks .forgive my spelings & other stammerigs. my mothertongue is the bible langage Hebrew . i have read some of the articles in your forum & was facinated . the genuine frankness & sensitivness & sheer love for every creature on earth are radiating between the lines . i envy you & would be happy to one of u .
the tremendous distans in all aspects between u & me is apalling , but in the saim time it is temptating to cross it. i will relate to it as a spiritual adventure .
i am 74 , israeli 3 generation , married , 5 sons '9 grandchildren , ex teacher of literature, ex farmer ( avocado & oranges).
I use to work til last year & i miss teaching . we travel a lot all over the world , even thow our means ar rather modest .
its funny :I am 74 , but I feel as sach , somewere inside me i feel
as 16 years old or 40 .it sound dumb , I know .I am healthy & fit.
its part genetic ( my mother has passed away at 95 )& partly out of natural good nature . I am full of love , love in general to the world & its creaturs , even though i witness so many wars & sorrows &
cruelties in my life .
I have always a dream that when I will be an old men I will have a dog . Garman Shepered . clever sensitive sharped ears dog . like White Pang of jec London . (I had such dog in my childhood )but i postpond it year after year . I am not old yet . so I am afraid I will mis the train . may be it is asimptom : I miss many thigs in my life by postponding them.
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Welcome to the catsite!! Yes, although we are a cat site, you will find we all have a place in our hearts for all living creatures. It sounds as though you have a very happy life. I hope when I get to my 70's I will have that much joy to reflect upon. Of course I hope I have the genetics to make it that long. German Shepherds are wonderful. I hope to have one own me once we settle and have a larger yard. I grew up with one and have been wanting one since she passed years ago. We are living a military life, so the yard space and moving is not ideal for one. I hope you stick around and meet all the wonderful people here.
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Welcome to the group and don't worry about grammar; it's content that matters. Sounds like you've had a fascinating adventure for a life.

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Hi Amos, and welcome to The Cat Site! Don't worry about your English, you made youself perfectly understood to me!

I have two German Shepherd dogs, Greta and Jeanie. Greta was abandoned on my farm (horses, wheat, soybeans and milo, which is birdseed) about 2 years ago, very pregnant. She gave birth to 12 (yes, I meant to type twelve!!) pups not long after she arrived. I kept her first-born, and named her after a lady in Australia who helped me greatly the night she was born. (isn't the Internet a wonderful thing??? This lady stayed up all night online with me to assist in Greta's delivery! Can you imagine??) They are just wonderful dogs!

We also share our home with 3 cats, Buttons, a 3 year-old white and grey spotted neuter, Calypso, a 3 year-old Seal Point Siamese spay, and Mara, Calypso's half-sister, a 3 year-old Lilac Point Siamese spay.

We live in Virginia in the US, which is on the East coast of the country. Our farm is located right in the middle of the State, and is located about a 2 hour's drive south of Washington D.C.

I know your contributions to the site will be important to us all in many ways. So, I look forward to hearing more from you soon.

Take care,

Gaye and The Gang at Rosehaven Farm
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Welcome to the our special site for every animal people....hope to see your post name alot...Myself I am a definate cat purrson, I have three beautiful fur babies....I live the Midwest near the Great Lakes in Ohio...I am a 6th generation plus farmer's child. Our main crops are soybeans, corn, and wheat also raise cattle ( Herefords)

DebbieA and the Kids...Tai-Tai, Zoe, and Baby
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Welcome to the board. I just went to Israel not too long ago. It was lovely. I hope everything is safe. I'm happy to hear about you love for creatures, and your grammer was not bad, don't worry.
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Hello and welcome to The Cat Site! You lead an very interesting life, obviously having experienced many situations. I've a good friend who's your age; and although I equate longevity with wisdom, he insists: "The older I get, the less I know." But he's rather a humble and self-depricating fellow!

Please don't concern yourself with too much worry about the English language. You have communicated perfectly well! I look forward to your continued contributions to our little family, of which you are now a member. Thank you for being here!

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Welcome to the cat site.
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what a delight to have you as a member at TheCatSite, i hope you enjoy
your time here, as i'm sure we'll enjoy having you

your life sounds wonderful, and i cant help but feel envious of you,
your family & your surroundings, i hope one day to have the same positive
outlook on life, and a family of my own to love.

best regards,

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Welcome, Amos. I hope you enjoy it here! You sound like an interesting person whom I could learn a lot from.
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my dear friends,
iam so moved by the cordial replies to my hesitating repressentation.
I humbly thank each of you for your kind reception, & glad that some of you like Debbiea & Gayet are farmers with roots in the land , because believe that connection with nature & the land keep us from going astray .
thank you Mr. cat for your remarks . I have heared you fought in Vietnam.I know the big discusion about the "miserable war ", but I respect the hardship & suffering you felt there . every war is terrible . every vaiolence is forbidden .but the right of self defens is holly . I took part in 4 wars during my life . I was forsed to. remember the moovy " the vigilant " with Charls Bronson .?
sorry , I feel like en ox in china shope .akward . not as "politicaly corect as fassnably .
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Welcome, welcome! You do very well with your English, not to worry! It sounds like you a very interesting person and we can all learn from each other!
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My husband and I rescue abused GSD as well as abused and abandoned kitties. Welcome to the board, I am looking forward to future posts from you. What a fascinating man you are! Our latest rescue Kenai is an excellent nursemaid to new kitties. Here she is with the last batch, they have invaded her cage! LOL
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Thank you for your understanding remarks regarding my military service in the Republic of Viet Nam. Yes, war is insanity; and would that such things never happened! But when the power structure wills it, war begins and it's as if a giant tidal wave sweeps over the land. Here in the U.S.A. wartime military service is not required of everyone, hence there are those who stay home to pontificate and those who go "over there" at the behest of society.

My generation, here in the U.S.A., is split down the middle regarding the Viet Nam War — a huge gap existing between the mostly working-class guys who fought the war and the mostly middle-class people who stayed home and thought about it. Such is the way of the world!

The friend I'd mentioned in my previous post on this thread, a retired professor who is your age, served in the U.S. Marine Corps during the Second World War. He went ashore with the first wave of troops at the invasion of the island of Iwo Jima in the Pacific. War is, indeed, such a terrible all-consuming monster; yet so many of us around the world have been involved, either as military personnel or as civilians, being in "the wrong place at the wrong time."

We can hope and pray such things never happen again! But, at the same time, we know such things are apt to happen again. Why can't our various cultures learn it is folly to "solve" problems with hatred and violence? Ah, well.

I'm sorry to bring up such a subject! But here in the U.S.A., it's Memorial Day week-end; and I'm prone to a bit of reflection on the subject just now.

Thank you, Amos, for joining our family at The Cat Site! I look forward to your posts on this or any thread. Best wishes; and take care!

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That is a totally adorable scene reproduced in your photograph of Kenai and Friends! What a bunch of buddies they are! (Well, maybe not all the time?)

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Kenai is instrumental in helping orphaned kittens feel love. She has more gentleness and such a tender touch with them that they readily adopt her as mom. It is funny to see them in the yard, Kenai will be going out to the horses, and behind her you see this line of kittens following! I have a picture of that parade somewhere, I will see if I can find it and post it...=)
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hay ,
I am stil moved by your accepteness . I anderstand , Sandy, the feeling of living in army camps . my second son is a retiered jet pilot. we use to visit him & his family every time in another camp . i remember the scene from the movie "a pilot reterns home" . all the family & the house hold jamed in the car heading to another camp .
I thank you , Gayep , & envy you for the vastness of your country . i guese your farm has handreds acres . in our place a farm of 10 acres is a big farm . mine was 4 acres . now it is desolated for lack of water .
Hissy , I was impressed by your rescue Kenal . the picture is lovely . as if the Bibical saying : " a wolf will stay with a lamb "
Blue ,I have red your article , your cry for help . i am mooved . i dont think ther is a technical method to quit smoking . if you believe in God , you mast respect yuor body , not abuse it. you are created in the image of God . can you imagging God smokes ?
Mr,Cat , i apreciate your article . i have reliesed insinuations on

the actual situation here. if you preffer to ignor them , its o.k. with me . i would be glad to be in tuch with you . i have a notion we have some common intelectual grounds .
I am sorry if I missed someone , or if i hurt someones feelings . put to my credit that i am a untamed savege from Asia . by .
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Welcome!! You will love it here. There so many great people here to talk to.
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Amos! Hi!!!!

I loved reading your posts, and I am SO glad you have joined us here!!!!
I too have a german shepherd named Sheena...she will be a year old june 9th. She is mostly black with tan on her legs and face.

I hope you like it here!!! Welcome!
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