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The weekend of Oct 10th will be our 3 yr anniversary (actual date is oct 8th but that falls in the middle of the week), and we finally figured out what we're going to do! I got that Friday off, so that day we're going up to the Autumn Glory festival in the next county. Neither one of us have ever been to it (the festival, not the county) and they have a lot of street venders including many Amish crafts, and it should be the peak of fall in western Maryland so that should be cool. Then, coming home, and Saturday morning we're driving down to Annapolis for the Rennasaince Festival!! I'm so excited! I LOVE the Renn Festival. We went a few years ago but haven't made it since then. Plus, a whole, long weekend with my hubby! We've been so busy that it seems we just see each other in passing so we need this get a way. I just had to share!!