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im very nervous

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my kitten peaches, she is about 5-6 months old and usually very playful. every morning she greets me when i get up from bed, when i get home from work she greets me.. and shes ALWAYS always talking to me. she has been puking since sunday. i have probably 10 spots around my apartment where she has thrown up... and its green. there were only 2 times where there was actually food in the puke, the rest looked just like "liquid". she wasnt drinking either. so after a few hours of forcefeeding her water, i tried to give her some canned food & boiled white rice. she ate a little. then 2 hours she ate a little more... and she started to drink water on her own. so i thought she was gunna be okay. when i called to her, or when i talked to her, she talked back but she just sounds weak.
i have given them their rabie shots, and they have been spayed... they are indoor kitties. they dont go outside (they have been outside once, we took them to a lake but that was like 2 months ago).
i think her sister bonnie knows something is wrong with her too, cause when she was playing she wouldnt mess with peaches, usually they play together but peaches just watched her. peaches is the one that most active so it was weird seeing bonnie shoot off and jump around more than her.
well this morning she threw up on my bed... and it was probably everything she ate lastnight. i have to work during the week, so i dropped her off with my grama and my grama is taking her to the vet. im just really scared.. what do you think this could be? i know that kittens get sick because their immune system isnt very strong but im so nervous for her.
maybe she ate something bad? they tore into the carpet last week... ??

** update
the vet just called me and they asked if she had eaten anything out of the ordinary, or if i thought she could have, which the carpet they tore up is what came to mind. there were peices EVERYWHERE. so i told him that. he said shes sensetive when he touches her stomach so he thinks its something she hasnt been able to digest. which carpet is not something that is probably digestable for kittens...

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I'm sorry I don't have any advice to offer you except Prayers and she makes a fast recovery. Please keep us updated.
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the vet is keeping her over night. the x-ray shows some kind of clogged/bundled up intestine... like she ate something that isnt passing through. so i think that he is giving her a laxative. her sister is going to have a fit! grr.
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Prayers for your baby - hope she passes it without incident.
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thank you for your wishes!!!! i hope that she comes out okay.
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A gastrointestinal obstruction is a frightening thing. I hope she gets better soon. Will be thinking of your baby.
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does any one know how successful these lubricate laxative things are?
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Prayers for her. I know people taht had cats get blocked and they had to do surgery to remove the stuff that was in them. I hope it comes out of your cat and she will not need surgery to get it out.
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yeah i hope that surgery isnt in her future. im sure that is super expensive work. thank you again for your blessings
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I hope so also. Does the vet think it will work?
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My Golden Retriever has had surgery, twice, for a blockage due to eating things that weren't meat to be eaten. He has always been considered at risk for doing it again - once an eater, always an eater.
I wouldn't hesitate to do the surgery, if it is needed. The sooner the better, IMO.
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My cat ate string and it wrapped into her intestines. She needed surgery and it was about $500.00. I didn't hesitate to have it done, and would do it over again.

Goodluck. Please keep us updated.
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i would definately do the surgery if its needed!!! i was just hoping that i wouldnt have to. my grama is taking care of all this for me, and i have to pay her back. so i am very fortunate.
a little good news i think, lastnight peaches ate & with the lubricate laxative she pooped all over herself!! the vet said they didnt find anything.. except a few little pebble shaped things & a bunch of water... i guess he doesnt know what it was. but she ate again this morning.
hes going to run one more test on her, and then she can come back home! i have to feed her a bland diet.. like baby food chicken&rice.. i think is what my grama told me.
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okay so i got my peaches back and she is back to normal... but i will say that i found a string!!!!
ok so she went to the kitty box, and she did a tootoo and part of it was hanging onto a string coming from inside her butt. i got a napkin and pulled on it and it was like a foot or more long! so i was very fortunate to catch it in time and for her not having to have surgery.

im very happy thank you for every wish!!!
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Don't pull it! It could still be attached to something at the other end and could do further damage. I would cut it off close to her bum, then call the vet's office and ask them what to do.
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I think shes already taken it out

Are you sure it was string and not worms? Then again worms aren't usually a foot long.

Glad you found the culprit.
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yeah.. i have already taken it out... it was like a piece of thread. we had seen a piece of red thread on the floor and i think thats what it was. she is back to normal. everything is okay
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So glad she is back to normal! Those crazy kitties can scare us too death, can't they?
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