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Introducing Phoebe and Selene

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The Sun and the Moon

Phoebe and Selene are our foundation Egyptian Mau girls. We're very excited to be able to welcome them into our home. Selene adores my sister, but I'm just tolerable

Emau's Serene Selene of Mimesis (aka: Selene)

Emauge Princess Tatooine of Mimesis (aka: Phoebe)
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Awww how cute. I think Selene is better of the two - like her body/coloring and head.

The other girl looks a little like a male's head (bigger) then her sister. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing.

When will they be shown?
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I like Selene's look a lot more as well Phoebe has the better contrast.

Both had their first show this weekend at Nat Cap. We didn't do every ring, just enough to learn that judges are nice people I plan on showing them again at the 9/20 show in Timonium, MD. I'm hoping to grand both of them, so we'll be out early and often!
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Ok so which one took more 1sts? Maybe its the angle, but I think Selene has more contrast
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Selene is dark silver (darkest of the class too) whereas Phoebe is very, very bright, so her spots stand out more. I'll get some pics up of their coats so you can see the contrast. Phoebe's contrast looks mottled because she's sitting and squishing her spots The angle does nothing for her! Don't you love when patterned cats do that?
I'm not 100% sure who took the blue ribbons at first because I missed their first two rings together. Selene was given third in her first ring and second in her second ring. She was a very scared girl her first day and wasn't showing herself off very well.
She decided showing was fun on her second day, so Selene took the blue ribbon in their other two rings together. In fact, Selene took the orange ribbon the second day; she didn't even have a shot at the brown as the 8 silvers were competing against the most perfect smoke to ever walk this Earth.
There was one other ring that I need to ask about I'm such a bad Mau mommy, I just wanted her to be handled and showing is safe, I didn't care about placement!
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I use Kitten classes as practice for the adult classes. Gets them used to being in the rings, showing, handling, etc. If they make finals - great; if not, I don't get upset

How many Mau kittens? any of the bronze?
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9 Mau kittens in total, 8 of them silvers. No bronze kittens this year, actually, no bronzes anywhere! I think most of the bronze breeders are over on the west coast. . .

I now stand corrected about Phoebe beating Selene on the first two days. Apparently Selene beat her in every ring they had together! I was all over the place last weekend. . . we had kittens, champions, and premiers!
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Congratulations on the new additions. We had 1 EM shown here for only a couple of shows before he decided to "retire" Beautiful breed

Originally Posted by FerrisCat View Post
The angle does nothing for her! Don't you love when patterned cats do that?
I know what you mean, my chocolate silver boy is very hard to photograph - doesn't do him justice at all
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I know absolutely nothing of what you folks are speaking but my goodness what beautiful cats you all have.
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Silver cats are sometimes hard to photograph as the "reflection" shines the wrong way with the camera light
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