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Kitten obsessed with shadows

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Ever since we last took my 9-month old to our lake house a couple of weeks ago, she has had an obsession with shadows. It started at the lake house because she practically lives on the screened-in porch up there watching all of the birds and such. Well, her favorite thing is now chasing the shadows of the hummingbirds that come up to the feeder. I guess because the shadows are right at her level, she chooses to attack them instead of watching the birds up high.

Ever since the trip to the lake, anytime you walk by her and there is any sort of shadow cast on the ground, she scrambles to catch it. It's really funny to watch but a little strange that she's become so obsessed. She's constantly staring at the ground just waiting for a moving shadow to appear. She can't ever catch it so I assume that she'll get tired of it one day, but this has now gone on for about two weeks. Silly kitty!
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She's still a baby, but like the laser light, they just like to chase what they see and if something is closer to them they think they have a better chance of catching it. It is funny to watch.
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You may be able to enjoy this form of entertainment for years. Our Flowerbelle chases spots of light, not shadows. She doesn't have good eyesight in one eye and only has the one eye, so her depth perception isn't that good. But she tries to bite the spots of light - sun being reflected off water in a glass, a flashlight, sunlight peeking through a shade moving a little from a breeze - it is hysterical! And she'll often try to bite at spots of light that are like 6 feet away from where she's biting! She never seems to get frustrated that she can't catch them.

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For months Ramsay was friends with his own shadow. Every night when we went to bed he'd jump up on the dresser and paw at his shadow and chirp at it.
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I forgot to mention that she often loses the shadow she's chasing and sees the shadow of her own tail and starts spinning hysterically.

Aren't cats great?
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I got some videos of Maggie chasing shadows last night. As soon as I have the software to edit them on my computer, I'll post them in the pic/video forum.
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