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Question of the Day - September 9th!!

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A simple question today: What is your favorite color?

Mine is blue
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Black ...........
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How can I have just one?!?

Ummm, ok I will put them in order from most favorite...

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Originally Posted by WELDRWOMN View Post
How can I have just one?!?
Exactly! I really don't have a favorite color, I have favorite color combinations (does that make sense?)

For example,

I love maroon and light pink,
Dark blue and light blue,
Forest green and mint green
mauve and cornflower blue...
Maybe it's the libra in me but I like balance.

It would probably be easier to say what I DON'T like:
grey (depressing)
black and white together (too boring)
Brown (blah)
Yellow (fake)
Kelly Green (annoying)
Bright orange (see above)
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I guess I would have to say that I tend to like reds, oranges, and browns, all different shades..
Also purple
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black and purple!
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Mine is red
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Pink Pink Pink!

Although I like purple too. My golf clubs are purple
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Mine is pink
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Mine is black.
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Originally Posted by bnwalker2 View Post
Mine is blue
...same feelings here....and some kind of white!...
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Well, not one colour here, either. My "colour home", if you will, is at the intersection of blue/green/grey -- all of those shades.
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Purple and Jade
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Blue and red are equally my favorites
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Purple is my favorite!

I also am a big fan of other dark colors - black, crimson, forest green, navy blue. I like dark grey and silver also.

Most of my clothes are one of those colors. Sooo, I am constantly wondering why I got white cats...
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Green! Dark or natural shades, like you find in nature.

Ironically, my LEAST favorite color is that 60s olive / puke green color!
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Turquoise, especially the darker shades.
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then Blue...


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1. Royal Blue
2. Purple

DH's is (1) blue (2) red

BTW we are both Aquarians and blue is the Aquarian color
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I wonder why I chose that to be my horses color.....
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Pink, purple, and black!
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I like baby blue and baby pink, but I don't mind black.

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Black, but only until they find something darker.
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I don't have one favorite color. I do no like bright colors though.
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