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Daily Thread Tuesday Sept 9th

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MOrning folks!

Well only a high of 16 degrees today I don't like this one bit! I miss summer! I am not ready for sweaters!

Not much happening today..just another day of work..and hopefully more learning. It has been boring lately because I am not trained yet to do what I am supposed to be doing. I am getting a little training today though, so hopefully it gets things rolling.

Anyhoo, off to the showers! Have a great day everyone.
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It's wet, windy and cold here, and it ain't gonna stop till tonight!

Not up to much today, goin shoppin a bit later.

Have a good day!
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16 degrees??????
What do, you live in Alaska or something?
I`m from Michigan and it`s chilly here today....or so I thought... til I read YOUR weather report!!!!!
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Morning All!!!!

Damp Dreary and Chilly here as well 13 (58).

Heading off to work shortly, nothing to pressing to take care of today. May run a couple of errands after work depending on how I feel. The damp weather is playing havoc with my old joints so everything is pretty achy.

Noticed this morning that the maple tree across the street from me is starting to turn color very quickly now so it shouldn't be to long before we will be in the full technicolor stage of the fall here..

The kitties are good this morning, squirrel watching right now.

Everyone have a great day
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Morning. Can I trade one of your all's chilly weather for the hot weather we're having here? Not doing much today except grocery shopping. Oh joy!
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Morning all!!

When I wiped my car windows off this morning there was ice on the back window!!

So I'm back from my parents -we were all tired yesterday evening and slept good-mom didn't take her pain meds at all!!

Still think I'll not do alot today as I'm still a bit tired and my allergies have givin me a bit of a headache. In fact wearing old glasses and will switch back to new ones tomorrow.

Might work on priming more boards for our ceiling prject-LOTS more to do.

Sunny and high of about 71F today but cooler tonite.

Have a good one.
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Originally Posted by stampit3d View Post
16 degrees??????
What do, you live in Alaska or something?
I`m from Michigan and it`s chilly here today....or so I thought... til I read YOUR weather report!!!!!
I'm in Michigan, too. I think it's nice out least the sun is out and it's not hot. I was so done with 80-some degrees.

I assumed she meant celsius when she said 16 degrees?
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Good morning (the 10 minutes that's left of it!)

Sort of procrastinating, though I surely dont want to stay at work until 6pm again today! Just ate some early lunch and read a little, and am about to put on my water samples for the day. It's hot and nasty out - says it's only gonna be 88* - which is fine ... if there wasnt such horrid humidity!

Hopefully Rob will leave work early tonight (I left at 6pm, he didn't leave until 7:15pm last night!) I'm either going to cook a pork loin or eye of round steaks for dinner. If we get home early enough, I'll do the pork loin, since it takes 1-1.5 hours in the oven!

Hope everyone has a great day! (And I'm hoping for myself that today is mucho better than yesterday!)
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Good morning!

Not much going on here today. Still recouping from that cold and being gone, so that will keep me busy. Chilly and over cast this morning (NO, here? What a surprise! ), but it's been getting warmer, so let's hope today will too!

Evie came in for her morning cuddles today, yay! Always a good way to start the morning. Cronos is doing well, too. He is my first single foster, I feel so bad, he wants more attention! I want to introduce him to Evie, and if they get along, they'll be great company for each other during the day. But, I took only him so that he could reattach to humans, since they think the problem last time is he attached to cats, so... Guess I need the rescue group's permission first!

Today is Thursday, right??

Have a good day, everyone!
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