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The most DISGUSTING smell

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First of all, Hello everyone! I'm new here. I've had cats my whole life and love them very much. I currently have 2 kitty's, they are Sox and Alli. I love my babies! I also have 2 children and 2 dogs.

The reason for this post is this! This morning, my husband was playing with Sox on our bed, holding him down and aggrevating him like he always does. Well all of the sudden we both smelled this TERRIBLE smell that ran us out of the room. Well, the smell followed us. My husband had it on his hand and I guess when I got up out of the bed it got on me. It's really hard to describe what it smelled like. I think it must have gotten in my nostrils because I'm at work and I swear I can STILL smell it. I even got one of my co-workers to come smell me but all she could smell was perfume. Does anyone know what in the %@$# he did??? I put my sheets in the washer, sprayed my matress with febreze and I could still smell it. I told my husband he better not EVER aggrevate Sox again because evidentally he has some kind of skunk action. He laughed and said I'm never even touching him again. Could someone please tell me what in the world happened. This still has me grossed out. None of my cats have ever done this before. Thanks so much for your help.

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Are you kitties fixed? Sometimes kitties spray if over stimulated. They will spray a type of urine that has a very strong odor. I would refrain from rough housing with the kitties and make sure everyone has been fixed.
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anal gland problems?

brain... no worky anymore, I'm sorry.

Someone follow up with what I'm trying to say here.

Was it more like a farty smell, or urinish?
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Yes, they are both fixed. The smell was definetly farty smelling!!! I think I'm going to take him to the DR tomorrow to find out what's going on. They are both inside kitty's and he scratches his butt across the carpet alot. He's been checked for worms in the past but I'll get them to check again. I think I'll get one of those NASA looking space suites to take him in tomorrow in case he does that again. Can you imagine walking into the vets office with one of those suits holding your cat straight out in front of you asking, "Could you PLEASE check my cat's $#%^ please???". LOL! Sorry, I just had a mental picture and thought I would share it. On the serious side, I'm going to definetly get that checked.

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Hey sox-n-alli,

Welcome to the board!

It is probably his anal glands. They secrete a very strong smelling fluid that is supposed to be expressed when kitty goes number 2 . If he is scratching his butt along the carpet sometimes that is an indication that this expressing action isn't happening. I would certainly take him to the vet. It can be painful for the cat, and smelly for the owner.

Make sure you tell the vet about the smell and the butt dragging. I hope everything goes well . Keep us updated.

If you want more info, there are a bunch of anal gland threads in this forum. Give a look see .
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Welcome! I know that disgusting smell - your cat was playing skunk. Our neutered male cat (4 at the end of the month, neutered at 6 months) squirts out of his anal glands every time he goes to the vets' office. He has very good aim, so now the assistants get a coffee break, and JC gets an appointment with both vets, who wear goggles when examining him and giving him his shots, since he usually manages to hit them in the face. They also make sure they have a change of clothes. They told me this behavior is usual among unneutered males when they fight, and is a sign of fear and/or aggression. Your husband may have been playing a bit too rough, in the cat's opinion. A woman in another forum told me her neutered male squirted out of his anal glands every time he was brushed - and the cat is a Persian that has to be brushed daily! It is probably best to avoid aggravating your cat as much as possible.
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Thanks for all the replies! Don't worry jcat, my husband certainly learned a lesson. I think it's pretty funny now that I think about it. Jeremy ALWAYS messes with him and makes him mad so now Sox found a way to make him leave him alone.

I'm still taking him to the vet to get it checked though. Thanks again!!!

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Jack farts on Nick all the time....

Gosh I love my boys!
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Coal did that (expressed his anal glands) once at my BF when they were playing rough and Coal had had enough. And Romeo did it at the vet's last time when they went to take his temperature.

You're right, it is a nasty smell!
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It certainly is a relief to hear that other people's cats do the same thing.
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