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Wish me luck!!!

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Tomorrow I may be going out to view a potential new boarding facility for my horse Pride! I had been trying to get into a different one for some time now, but I have given up on that one, seeing as the BO hasn't gotten ahold of me after I have called her and left messages...so I started casually looking for other boarding places.

As some of you may know (if you keep up with the horsey threads), my horse is currently about an hour away from us...so that means I usually get out to see him once a week, or once every two weeks sometimes. The place I am hoping to go see, is only about 20 minutes away It's a small place, that has about 6 horses right now, and the lady interacts with them everyday. I don't know what kind of 'working' areas they have, but I shall find out; however, I have worked without roundpens and arenas before...so I'm not really concerned about that. I just need good shelters, and decently maintained fences, with possible flat pastures to work in. ...trails to ride on is a perk too...Lol! soooooo we'll see!

Right now, my boy doesn't really get daily interaction from his current caretakers...so he doesn't let them catch him..which could be very bad should he get sick or injured and NEEDS daily care! Plus, the distance is really getting to me...I really want to see him more than once a week! I'm also going to inquire on whether I could possibly bring my goaties to this other place, if it meets my horsey standards that is!

So wish me luck! I really hope this place is good, cause I would love to have my boy within 'after work' riding distance...Lol!
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Sending lots of your way!!
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Whoot!!! I'm gonna be moving my boy on Saturday, or Sunday!!!

I went out to the place, and it is so nice; nothing extremely fancy, but she has 5 pastures that she rotates, shelters in each one. The horses are brought 'in' at night too, into a smaller paddock with shelter and hay. She doesn't have an arena yet, but is planning for one in the future; but I still will have an extra pasture to work off lead, because they are not all used all the time. The tack room is really nice too, and she has automatic waterers in every pasture, so no worrying about water (which was a concern at a previous boarding facility). The lady is really down to earth, and has the sweetest pit bull; I wanted to take him home with us! Tehehe!

I will have trails nearby to ride on, and the roads are even decent because they have really wide shoulders. She also has plenty of area on her own land to work, and ride on.

Sooooooo...now I am waiting for her to call us back and let us know whether she can get her trailer back to use, otherwise I will have to use my current BO's truck and trailer, and that thing is a monster (3 horse gooseneck, and huge truck); I don't want to use it if I don't have to, because it's a gas...er...diesal hog!!! Lol! But if I have to, I will, cause I want my boy closer to home, asap!!! I don't know how I'm gonna make it through the next 4 days...breathe!!! I'm so excited!
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