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angry George cat

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I would like to ask a question about my George cat that someone may know how to deal with. George is a big tom, approx 3 years old and he is FIV+. The vet said I would be very irresponsible if I did not keep him indoors to avoid spreading the disease. George cat does not like being indoors and even though I got him neutered he has very bad behavior , if we dont let him out he will go to spray furniture which I yell and it stops him but he will then run very quickly from the front to back door and bang against them trying to get out. He also picks fights with my other indoor cats and will growl at all of us.
He does eventually calm down or I give in and let him out. The vet prescribed valium for him but I hate to keep him drugged. I will try to play with him to distract him but it only helps for a short time.
Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you for your help. Also I am very thankful for this website.

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I would be a bit concerned about him fighting with the other cats.

Is there anyway you can build an outdoor enclosure for him so he can still get to go outside? He may not like it as much as running free outside, but it's at least some comprise for him. Also, does he try to spray in the litter box too? I have one that that's an outdoor cat, he sprays and will not squat to pee even when using a litter box.
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The thing you can consider when giving him drugs is it is only temporary while you help him adjust to his new life. There are other drugs besides valium that he can take that wont make him so groggy. (I will have to do a search and will come back and let you know) but it is only for a 3-4 month time period while he adjusts (and it will help him with the spraying) and then you ween him off.

I believ its Prozac....

Good Luck!
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Originally Posted by strange_wings View Post

Is there anyway you can build an outdoor enclosure for him so he can still get to go outside?
I agree that an outdoor enclosure is the best solution for your boy. I also feel the same about drugs and cats.
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An outdoor dog run with a top may work. A log makes a great scratching post. Make sure it's not in direct sun or there is shelter from the weather.

Then see if coming in at night will be better. We have used dog runs before.
Just a thought. Hope things get better.
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^ I've looked at some of the prices on dog runs and the panels for them. Decent sized ones are far from cheap. It's cheaper, if you have the time and a bit of knowledge, to just build something yourself.

My DH is strongly considering Purrfect Fence after we move.
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Thank you for your advice.
My dog run is fully enclosed with a top too and we have tarps on it for shade and to keep rain out. The dog run is for the strays outside that I can't touch, George fights with them so I can't put him in the run.
I am thinking about trying one of those infusers that are suppose to have a calming scent. My sister said they used those when she was at that cat rescue in Pahrump Nev.

I feel really bad for him because he is not happy.
Well hopefully something will work and he will be a happy boy.
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