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Our sad Moggy with a broken tail

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Hi everyone.
In our house we have 3 cats a 4yr old female Russian Blue called Mimi (the boss), A 10 month old male pure black large cat named Tassel (the passive one)and a cute little 8 month old munchkin of a female tabby called Gracie (the hungry one)
anyhow I just found our 10 month Black kitten Tassel seemingly has broken his Tail. Last night he did his usual climbing all over us in bed and nuzzling up to our faces. He is extremely sociable, friendly. & affectionate.We watched his tail go back and forth at the end of the bed as he is such a big kitty for his age. we have a nickname for him Panther as he is over 500mm long not including his tail. Larger than any adult cat we have ever seen.

This morning I picked him up and he cried.I put him down and immediately noticed that his tail was curved down,I gently touched it and about 3 inches form his bum his tail is injured and extremely tender. I watched him and he cannot lift it however it does curl like a horse tail in a loop and hangs down,

What can I do as he is such a long lanky cat he needs his tail.Will it heal naturally as it does not look snapped but is definitly injured severely .He either got caught or trapped under something or someone shut his tail in the door but he went out a 1am fine and came in at 6am in the state he is in now.He seemes distressed and is resting and doin his normal routine but is much much slower when he moves. He is eating and drinking but I guess time will tell.
If anyone else has had this happen can you tell me what you experienced and whether it healed or you needed to go to a vet,What can a vet do with a tail as I assume you cannot put it in a cast so do we let it heal naturally?
Any advice would be gratefully accepted
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Your baby boy first and foremost needs to be seen by a vet. He needs to be seen just as soon as possible. If its broken then sooner they can set it the better chance he will have.

I am sorry that your first post is under these circumstances, but welcome to TCS and please let us know what the vet says.
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Sorry he got hurt.
He needs to see a vet.
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Poor boy. I have never experienced though I think a vet could help him.
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I am so sorry to hear that Tassel has broken his tail.

We took a kitten in from outside last year that had a crooked tail that somehow wound up broken similar to what you are describing. Anyhow, after taking Little Larry to the vet, there was no way to set it and his tail was amputated and he is now fine. It took me a while to get used to...but he does very well, even wags it at times. No trouble with balance and he does not even seem to know it is missing. You should see him in action when he is playing...he couldn't be more adorable!

Little Larry's break was about an inch and a half from his behind. I am glad to hear that Tassel's break is three inches from his bum as I have heard stories about cats that have broken their tails closer that have had trouble going to the litterbox etc.

Keep us posted with what the vet says. I'm sending little Tassel vibes and prayers for a quick recovery.
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