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My 15 year old female cat Misty has been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and I am awaiting the meds in a liquid form since Misty will not take pills. The vet will call when her meds arrive from the pharmacy. I would like to know if any of you have had kitties with this problem and your outcome. I did read up on it and it could cause heart problems among other things but meds should help.

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I cat-sit for a diabetic hyperthyroid cat at times, The cat has been diabetic for 5 years and hyperT for 3 and doing well on the tapazole. From what I have seen, the best method (if your cat has no other health problems) is the radio iodine treatment. It is an expensive outlay but may end up cheaper in the long run as once it is done it is over as cats can not get hypo t.
With the pills or liquid in your case you will have to keep going to the vets for blood tests to find the correct dose and moniter and then make adjustments. Whatever you choose though, cats can do just fine with this, Best to you,
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The above info is common ... many on here have experience with Hyper T with and without other issues hopefully others will come and share...
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My 13 year old male cat was just diagnosed with this yesterday. Since then I've been doing a little bit of research and it seems to be a good idea to at least initially start a cat out on the Tapazole. Hyperthyroidism can actually mask the symptoms of kidney disease, since hyperT increases blood flow to the kidney. When the medication is administered, the blood flow to the kidney is decreased, allowing the symptoms of kidney disease to show.

My reasoning is, you can always stop giving a pill (if there is kidney disease), but you can't take back an injection. Is this a sound theory?
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Thank you so much everyone. Your replies were a lot of help. I am worried since what I have read, this problem can cause the heart to overwork and that is something I don't want to happen. With the meds I am hoping my girl will be ok and live a longer life altho 15 years is more than a lot of other kitties have lived so I have been lucky so far but I am greedy and want her for many, many more years. I know we all do.
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