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Name Suggestions Please

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Ok I asked for advice in another part of the forum, taking in what has been said we have decided Henry is having a friend, so tomorrow coming home tomorrow is a rescue kitty, he is ginger and just a lil over 5 months old, so will hopefully help henry with his manners!!

Anyway we are trying to think of a couple nice names but stuck, before we got henry we were torn between charlie or henry as soon as I saw him I knew it would be Henry,

so tryin to think of a couple nice names before hand,

Any thoughts? Hubby is saying things like, archie, alfie, tommy billie etc,
I really don't like anything like that would love something totally different but not sure what!?

help me before I throttle hubby if he comes up with any more poo suggestions!!!!!!!!
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We have had Simba and Yoshi.
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Oh yay, a friend for Henry! Man, I love Henry. He is so cute!

Do you want to give the new kitty a people name, like Henry, or a silly name, like Pumpkin?

Then maybe I can come up with some suggestions!

Another thing is to think about whether or not you have any favorite movies or books and then you could name the new kitty after a character from your favorite one!
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I would like to see a photo of him before offering a suggestion...
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Originally Posted by Persi & Alley View Post
I would like to see a photo of him before offering a suggestion...
Im sure that can be done ASAP!

As for name type, hopefully a silly name will suit him!!!!
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My one Red Tabby/White Cornish Rex was named Tom E Hawk or "Tommy"/"Tommy boy" for short
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How about...


Or you could call him Garfield or Pumpkin like what the above peeps have said
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Cats don't actually know their names. They respond to sounds. For Henry, he's responding to the accented syllables which are heavy on the first and last parts of the word.....HE and NRY.

My advice would be to give your new kitty a name that didn't sound similar to Henry IE: Charlie, Tommy, Archie ..... because of the EEEE sound at the end. Give him a distinctive name so that when he hears it he learns that you are referring to him.

Based on the name of your first kitty, it sounds like you like "normal" names for your kitties. So how about Boyd, Gavin, Dave, Jack. Quinn
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How about FRANK? (Just seems to me like it sort of is a real "GUY NAME" , like Henry.)
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Originally Posted by stampit3d View Post
How about FRANK? (Just seems to me like it sort of is a real "GUY NAME" , like Henry.)

Hmmm. I like that!
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I always like "Jack" or "Frank" good boy names, but they don't sound like Henry...I would however, love to see a picture, I never name a kitty until I've seen that sweet face.
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Pics can now be found here!

annoyingly our next door neighbour is called frank!!! But cool suggestion!

I really like quinn, now we are needing 2 though......

thinkin maybe one serious name and one daft name...pumpkin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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My hubbie is fond of Lyle. He wanted to name Bijou Lyle but our daughter and I were the majority so "Bijou" it was.
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Lyle was the name of one of our fosters -- and he was such a great kitty! I have lots of video of him learning to climb my pants over a period of a couple of weeks. Lyle's a great name!

Now, as for silly names... we call our orange boy, St. John Dundee, "Punkin" most of the time -- but also Foxtail and Hurricane and Red.
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He looks like a Wesley to me

Congrats on your new furbaby!!!
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