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Mom's out of surgery and it went ok!!

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Just got done speaking with the surgeon and the surgery went well.
They checked two sentinel nodes and they were clear.
They just need the final path report to see if radiation will be needed or not.

Once again the TCS vibes worked.

Will be back home tomorrow and check in then-I have to go in the recovery room now.
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Good news
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Good news Gail. Sending vibes that mom is back to 100% in no time.
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Great News, lots more vibes coming your way for your moms speedy recovery....
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Great news! I hope the further reports are just as good!
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Originally Posted by CarolPetunia View Post
Great nnews! I hope the further reports are just as good!
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wishing your mom all the best.. many vibes coming your way
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glad to hear that things are going well!!!1
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That is good to hear, continued vibes
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That's great, Gail! I hope she recovers quickly!
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Gail that is wonderful news!!! I'm so happy to hear it went well!!

Many vibes headed her way for a very speedy recovery!
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Bless her, i'm so pleased it's all over and looking good
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No pain last night or this morning.

I made a casserole last night trying to keep her out of the kitchen and just sit down but that didn't work very well. But she got a bunch of phone calls so that kept her out of my way!!

She was thirsty so I had picked up some apple juice (I had about 3 glasses of wine!)

She is peeing blue as expected but that should diminish later today.

The hospital is going to call today-she did have a bit of a sore throat most likely from the breathing tube. She goes back Tues to see surgeon and should know final results then. If lucky she may not need radiation just Tamoxifen!
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That great news that everything went so well. Sending many vibes that she continues with reocovery and that those test come out wonderful
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My mom did well through her mastectomy as well. Her sentinel node also negative. We are DONE with treatments!!!!
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