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Angel and the WB

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Did anyone besides me (and Jenn) have nothing but snow on the WB last night, when Angel was supposed to be on? I am distraught by this whole thing. I don't want to know what happened, but darnnit I want them to re-broadcast the episode.

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*sniff* I have no TV . . .
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I saw it. I love that show! I hope it stays on next year.
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No problem here - was ale to watch ANGEL. DOn't you worry there are always re-runs.
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Ok, I obsess...turns out it was a completely local thing, they blew a transmitter and the show didn't make it. The good news is they are going to try to rebroadcast it on Saturday. If they get network approval. Here is to hoping.
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I LOVE Angel!!!!!

I hope you catch it on Saturday, Jamie... Here we still have first season re-runs. People aren't involve with the Angel (or Buffy) Mania . Weird
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I know. I think Joss Whedon is amazing.

I love Buffy and Angel, and tried to watch Firefly.

Shameless plug:
Everyone should watch Angel it is in danger of being cancelled and it is one of the best shows on TV right now. The writing is amazing. Really amazing.
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Hey Luv Those Paws , not only do I totaly agree with every word you said on Buffy, Angel and the creator, I just found out that we were both born on 1977!... I found it to be very nice
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I don't get the WB here, but I wish I did...I may have to add that to my cable. It sounds like it has alot of good shows on.
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