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Infections in cats

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Can an infection go unnoticed in a cat?
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It depends what kind of infection it is.
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If you are asking can a cat act normal while having a infection ?? then Yes , cats are masters at diguising pain
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Thank you for your responses.

I am still having a hard time understanding how I couldn't have known my cat was in pain. I have alot to learn about cats! It seems any drama a cat can have seems to find mine. I have a mega colon cat, a cat that swallowed a string- because I let her play with a Christmas ornament- and she needed surgery, a cat that died due to an infected abscess that I never noticed. (nd I still can't believe it was an abscess. My cats are such good girls and get along so well. I just can't believe that....)

My gosh. I love cats, but I think I might curse them.

I'm very thankful for this board. I am learning so much from everyone here.
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My cats have all been relatively healthy, but they don't get along, one sprays, one is a real scratching-fiend, two are food snobs, one is good-obsessed (so obviously they all have to be fed separate), and on and on, and's the good kitty that has the only expensive health problem. I don't know-----I don't think there are any perfect cats (like people, I suppose) but I don't suppose I'd want to trade them away, either.

I think cats are experts at keeping us bouncing from one extreme emotion to the other. Perhaps they do it because they find it entertaining.
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Do not blame yourself I made that mistake when Stormy got very sick. Her Kidneys were gone and I had no idea she was even sick until the day before she was pts. Her only signs was she would throw up and drool sometimes. i thought it was Coco her mom throwing up because Coco does that when her Asthma is bad from coughing.
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They do very well at hiding it. I took my cat in for her semi-annual (she's 15 so she gets to go 2 times a year). She had lost some weight so we had a bunch of tests ran. Overall she is very healthy but she did have a urinary tract infection. Usually she has some problems when she has a UTI, but really didn't show any issues.
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All one can do is watch their cats and learn what is "normal" for their cat's behavior. As for abscesses, inspect your cats for scratches, cuts, bites, or any other wounds regularly - in other words, thorough petting. Abscesses will feel hot since there is infection in them.

The last time I had an emergency with one of mine it was 7am and I was in the bathroom. I heard someone vomit outside the door - don't ask how I recognized who was barfing by sound... Tomas had an appointment and was at the vet at 8am. Fever, upset tummy, and a bit of a bacterial overgrowth (since remedied with antibiotics and probiotics). Be a paranoid owner and hope it helps you catch things in time.
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