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Creatures of Habit

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I usually get up around 6 am. I don't need an alarm, the cats know that's breakfast, and they are waiting for their daily treat of wet food. Sam was here first, and is a fastidiously tidy boy, so he gets his food first. He is a very slow eater, he enjoys his food, takes a mouthful, tastes it, looks around, comtemplates life, thinks about what he might be doing later today, then has another bite.

Bailey inhales her food. Then she watches for the tiniest opportunity to shove Sam out of the way and steal his food as well. He usually lets her. So I always put his food down first, to try and give him a head start before the little food stealing piggy cat can have her way.

This morning I was up really early, but made the cats wait. At 6 I called Bailey, she came running. Then we noticed that Sam was nowhere to be found. I said, Hey Bailey, you better go get Sam! And she did! I guess the little minx couldn't have her breakfast until she knew that he would be there to watch, and to have food to steal later.
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awwwww kitties are so funny!!!! When moe or neo can't find the other one they walk around the house meowing. Sometimes me and neo are trying to take a nap and moemeo will start meowing and neo just hides under the covers
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Hehe! They seem almost human sometimes . . .
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