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Show Brag! :)

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I honestly didn't expect much to happen at National Capital this weekend. With 223 kittens entered and a number of future national winners in attendace, I was content to spend my weekend socializing with the Mau and Van people.

Boy was I in for a surprise!

First, all three of the TUV imports made a final

Fistik (brown patched tabby TUV) took 15th best kitten in a LH SP ring.

Minnosh (tortie TUV who was there for only one ring) got her first granding points by taking 3rd best LH Champion. I wasn't going to try to grand her, but she's developed so nicely that I'll get her to shows in between her litters.

Finally, Afacan (red tabby and white male TUV) had me holding back tears when he took 3rd best kitten in a LH SP ring. He's on pace to be the first ever TUV import to grand (with Fistik the 2nd and Minnosh the 3rd) and maybe, just maybe, prove that he can do even more than that.

Then we had some icing on the cake when Otto made a final as well
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OMG what a fantastic weekend for you! Now I really can't wait to meet you and the furry ones at the Internationals!
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WOW - congrats! That's ONE heck of a tough show - I've shown there a few times

Charlie's last show will be end of the month. We'll see if he gets any more grand points. 3 out of the 6 judges have finalled him as a premier and kitten, but I'm not counting on anything.
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