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Frodo Update

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For all who sent vibes etc. Frodo boy is fine. Amazingly (I must have
just bumped him) he only had a skinned chin, and some tiny front teeth
broken. No jaw fractures, no ribs and no bladder issues. I am AMAZED
and blessed.

Had 14 days of inside only to recover while I was away, and is now
back out side. My first day back he disappeared outside and
wouldn't come in for 24 hours, LOL. He didn't like not
being allowed out!

He also is friendlier now, he lets me pick up more by the belly,
small steps forward, LOL. And not as shy of hand to head
- perhaps the vet taught him that people hands are used
to heal too...

Anyway, he is now back to "normal" and I'm very happy to report he is
doing well. Grey Intruder is in the basement, am about to let out toh

harass my cats. I *sigh* wish he were an escaped rescue cat -
then the rescue would take him back .... wouldn't that be GRAND?

I never checked for chip, but may do so very shortly, JIC. I
would die of happiness to get him back into rescue, knowing he
would be safe and cared for!!

anyway, vibes all for that happy outcome, or prayers or wishes
or whatever passes for "good things to come" for him

Gotta run now. ... Cleaning lady is coming in and I'm still unpacking
my mess from the daks...
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I'm so glad to hear good news!!! well take care, and I hope for the
best for the grey kitty also!!!!
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Glad to hear his injuries weren't as bad as you originally thought. I know you have be relieved. Hope you had a good time when you were out of town.
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Glad to hear that Frodo is ok.
I guess you still need to find a solution for GI. Any new thoughts?
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