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Daily Thread Monday Sept 8th!

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Morning folks!

Well we are all settled in! Basically finished unpacking last night and Josh put up my curtains, mirrors and tonight he is coming over to put up the wall pictures. He is so handy!

Its chilly here today, only getting up to 21 with rain. I have a feeling my pearly white legs will be hibernating from now on.

Starting my 2nd week of work today...I hope I can actually be useful this week. Being new stinks when you don't know anything yet.

Anyhoo have a great day folks!
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Morning All!!!

Another dreary day here as well, very chilly guess I will have to find my jacket before I head off to work.

Nothing interesting planned for after work guess I will just catch up on some laundry and tidy up my house a bit. Think a couple of new shows for the fall season start tonight so I will check them out as well.

My wrists, hands and shoulders are all stiff and achy from the damp weather which has left me a little on the irritable side today...Hopefully they will ease off a bit once I have been up and about for a bit.

The kitties are good this morning, having fun chasing each other around the house and acting goofy right now...

Everyone have a good day
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Well I am at the hospital with my dad. Got up at 4:15 am and was on the road 30 minutes later!!
The time we were supposed to be hear wasn't relayed to everyone so we had a good 30 minute wait. But there are computers and some free coffee and cookies and cafeteria downstairs.

But I have a headche I think it might be to my new glasses I have some aspirin to take to see if that helps otherwise I have my other pair of glasses.

May check in later when I know more. Overcast and very cool here today with highs around 60F.
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Good morning all!

So I was fighting a cold on Friday, I lost. I slept ALL weekend. Woke up just enough Sunday night to get a new foster kitty! He's a sweet heart. Any one want a darling little Maine Coon mix boy that can't get enough love??

Anyway, still feel surprisingly crummy today. Stuffy, runny nose, nauseaus. Ah well, I'll keep fighting it.

It's finally getting somewhat nice here. Took it long enough! It's been warm during the days, and was even up to 54 degrees when I left this morning! Hopefully I'll be feeling up to enjoying the nice weather by the time I get off work today!

Evie and the new foster boy are doing well. Evie was in crazy kitty mode, and was very feisty and playful, but not cuddly. Where as Cronos, what we're calling our new foster, was insatiably lovey!

Everyone take care, have a good Monday!
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Morning everyone

I'm a bit of a nervous wreck at the moment. I'm about to go back to the cardiologist in a few hours. They still have to figure out what's wrong with my heart so I get to have a stress test, another ultrasound, and something else i can't recall done (again....i had it all done 3 yrs ago but now i need it done again this time and possibly a catheter ablasion done on my heart soon.) Can I get a few prayers that the problem is in the upper chambers of my heart and NOT the lower chambers (it's easier to treat that way!).

After that DH and I have to go to the navy base for a little while.

My two least favorite places both in one day....i'm hoping neithor is too eventuful.

Tonight if my heart gets the all clear, i'm hoping to go shopping at the mall with my best friend for a little bit....nothing like a little Lush shopping to make things better
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Well, it is going to be 90 here today but a cool front is moving in tomorrow. Supposed to be in the 80s until Sat and Sun where we are back in 90s.

Going to try a new dance class at my club. It is called cardio dance which sounds like Jazzercise.

I saw that mussels and oysters were on sale at my grocery market, so I am going to make mussels mariner (or something) and barbequed oysters. Maybe DH will get lucky tonight.
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