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Right now I am in floods of tears because yesterday I got the news that the lovely little cremello pony what I first learnt to canter on up in Wales has had to be put down.
He wasn't too old, but somehow in the field he had managed to break his leg.
He was such a lovely little horse. He was always well behaved, did everything you wanted him to, and loved to be hugged and fussed.
He was a little angel.

R.I.P Starbuck, you beautiful little boy

You will be greatly missed by many.

We love you lots

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So sorry about the pony.
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Rest in peace Starbuck.
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Aww I'm so sorry

RIP pretty Starbuck
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Oh no!!! That is so said!

That's my greatest fear, a broken leg. No matter how much money you have you still can't fix it
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I'm so sorry. Rest in Peace Starbuck.
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Rest In Peace, sweet baby
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I'm sorry Starbuck passed on. Its obvious that you adored this handsome little pony
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Poor boy, i'm so sorry

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Rest in Peace Starbuck
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that is so sad.

RIP sweet starbuck.
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I am so sorry........ what a beautifull baby boy.

Rest In Peace Sweetness
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I am so sorry about your loss RIP Starbuck
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Canter happily over RB Bridge, dear Starbuck!!! I can easily imagine the giggles and smiles of delight of those precious little people angels who are getting rides on your dear little back - Heaven is so fortunate to have you
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