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TOYS??? Oh Boy...!!!

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Ok, I have only had Lily a week, and already my "clean, tidy home" has become an obstacle course of toys... some store bought, others just stuff I thought she'd like i.e. toilet paper rolls (her fav), yarn "spiders", an empty cigar tube I got from work, and on and on, you get the picture. Before you think I'm ready for a nice padded cell (can I bring a few toys?) some of the toys I had for Cagney so I didn't go out and buy 'em (mostly).

So, what toys do you have for your Kids, and what are their fav's and least fav's?

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mmm, i dont have much time to respond to this, i'm falling asleep at
the keyboard :tounge2: but i do have a helpful link for you :


there's lots of ideas in there! hope it helps


link should be working now
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Anything they can get their lil' paws on they will play with. I just hit the jackpot yesterday when I moved the couch!! I have 2 baskets of toys downstairs and when it gets low, I get more mice,balls and pom poms.
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My cats love anything with catnip. But no matter how much money you spend on toys they still love paper bags the best!

I have also found a lot of their toys under the refrigator. I was cleaning under there and found lots of cat toys, also under the couch. I also found that the cats like the tab you pull off a gallon of milk and my cat Amber loves pens, especially shiny glittery ones.
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Forgot Lily's other fav toy...my HAIR! She's so sweet tho, always keeps her claws in while turning it into a tangled mess!

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My two feline buddies enjoy, in different ways, a small hollow ball with catnip inside. There are several small holes in the ball, for scent purposes. Michaela loves chasing it, playing catch with me, et cetera. Tonya always seems overcome with curiosity about the ball, but rarely plays with it.

Another toy they both enjoyed (until their boredom thresholds were crossed) was a curved length of wire with small rolls of cardboard attached to the "business" end. Mounted on the wall, about three feet above the floor, this toy was a really big deal until — it suddenly wasn't!

However, the one "toy" they never tire of is: a piece of string, especially when dragged about by their Homo sapiens servant. Oh, boy!

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We play "magic red light" every night for exercise - Noodles is about 18 pounds! It is a lazer light pen - she loves to chase it around the livingroom - comes and begs for it if I don't have it out by 9 PM.

Speaking of toilet paper - how about unrolling the WHOLE THING! - then making a nest to lay on. I had to finally get smarter than the cats and put it on backwards. Mr Whipple was making a fortune off me.:tounge2:

The proverbial paper bag is always a favorite.
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The toilet paper routine...I know it well! Lacey used to play that game about twice a week, then I tried the backwards trick, thinking I had her outsmarted... WRONG! She just shredded the whole thing...right down to the tube! Twice she came out of the bathroom with little bits of T.P. in her claws and on her face...she looked so ridiculous I couldn't stop laughing long enuff to scold her!:laughing2
Cagney never bothered with the T.P....and Lily hasn't discovered it...Yet. (Please nobody tell her)

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