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Hi, Im new. Just thought Id introduce myself. My name is Melissa, Im 20yr-old and I live in NM. I have 2 "shorthair" cats. Oliver=orange 6yr-old indoor/outdoor male. 8ball=4yr-old indoor/outdoor black+white "tuxedo" female. Both cats are "fixed".I lived with them for 5 years alltogether, then I moved out of my moms house. They were actually her cats. But 9 months ago she died very unexpectedly. The cats have been living with me for the last 9 months. Two interesting things about these cats: Oliver was viciously attacked by a pitbull in 95. He disappeared for a few days, then showed up with a broken leg. He made a full recovery. I witnessed the attack, and it is quite amazing that he survived. 8ball had feline lookemia(sp?) when we first got her, but it went away and shes fine now.I was ill most of the time growing up, because Im awfully allergic to cats(and about a hundred other things,too!). I found out I was allergic when I was 6, when we got our first cat. I didnt care that cats made me physically ill, I love cats so much. When I moved into my own place I never felt better. I visited the cats everyday. Now Im having problems again because the cats have been here 9 mos., and their hair and dander is everywhere. I feel worse than ever, perhaps my allergy is becoming more severe as I age. I posted first on this board to introdce myself, and I will be checking out the other boards on this site as well. Nice to be here with you all Best, Melissa
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Welcome Melisa! Great to have you here!

These are some interesting stories you have there about your cats! Each seems to have used up at least one of his/her nine lives

I just wrote an article of FeLV (felne leukemia). I'll get it online this weekend. I hope you'll find it interesting. I for one would love to hear more about 8ball's experience with this disease.

You poor thing, you must be suffering quite badly from the allergies by now. Is there any treatment? I think I read about some sort of treatment that is supposed to make the allergy go away. Maybe someone here will know something about it.

I hope you'll find some interesting discussions in these forums and a friendly atmosphere! Thanks for joining us!
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Melissa....hi!! And I am so glad you joined us, and I also feel so bad that you are allergic to the very animals you love so much!

I have had some allergic reactions to merlin (my kitten) living indoors with me, sometimes my eyes itch and swell up, but the more he is around me, the less it happens..

Also...I am so sorry about your mother....I too lost my father unexpectedly 4 1/2 months ago....and it is really hard.

I hope you will continue to post here, in these forums, and let us help you any way we can....we are not only here to discuss our cats....but also to be your friend.
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My wife was severely allergic to the "cat dander" and went through "de-sentisitization" (sp?) shots for almost two years (once a month). All the costs were covered by our health care provider. The big Himmie we had at the time loved to lay down on her chest/upper abdomen and snuggle under her chin... not a good place to have a cat when you're allergic!!! Now she has no symptoms of the allergy... no more eye swelling and watering. She can enjoy all the cats as never before in her life!

That cat has since passed on, but we replaced him with another Himalayan. This time not a seal point, but a flame point. (See the web page for ButterBall). Nothing/noone can ever replace the original cat, but the new cat has filled a void in both of our lives.

Mike W
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