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Cronos the Maine Coon Mix

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Let me introduce my newest foster boy! Seems the "temporary foster" for the Meow Men decided they are quite welcome to stay longer with her and doesn't want to give them back yet! They are quite sweet.

So, this boy's story is that he was quite loving and sweet when this rescue group got him, then when he went to the previous fosters, supposedly he became quite people aggressive. Why? The rescue lady says the fosters were good people, and doesn't think they were abusing him. So why did he become aggressive? The best guess is that he interacted a lot more with other cats and not people. He's 4 1/2 month's old, already neutered, and has a clean bill of health from the vet.

So we brought him home, just him, with "special needs" in mind. Put him in the cage, and after exploring for a minute, just spent the entire time talking to us and RUBBING up against the cage. We decided to push our luck, and let him out.

Well, after exploring for 5 minutes, he's spent the entire time going from head butting hubby to face rubbing me! He has done some love-nibbles, which are a bit rough so we'll have to work that out of him, but otherwise, his only special need is he is acting extremeley love-starved!

For lack of a better name, hubby wants to call him "Cronos", for now. He says it's a role playing game or maybe a character in one. After googling it, I came up with a Greek god, and not a very positive one! So his name will likely change, but for now, he's Cronos.

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Oh he's GORGEOUS! He's so handsome, and sounds like such a loving little boy too
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he sure is a cutie!! love those ear tufts!!

I have a Cronus, named for the Greek God, not necessarily because Kitty Cronus is like God Cronus () but my Cronus is one big dude and being the ruler of the universe seemed pretty appropriate
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Awww, Cronos/Chronos/Chronus is the father of Zeus. None of the Greek gods were exactly into fidelity, so he's nothing special there. Chronos was the god of Time, which I think is pretty cool!

Chronos is a character in Piers Anthony's Incarnations of Immortality series, where he is the Immortal in charge of Time. He is a cool character! Chronos is also from other fantasy novels.

There is a video game that was popular many years ago (A PS1 game, if I remember correctly) called Chrono Trigger.

You husband may be confusing Chronos with Kratos, who is the main character in the "God of War" series of video games, which are from the last few years. They are sort of vaguely set in ancient Greece, and Kratos ends up fighting Ares (the God of War, surprise...!) and deals with oracles and Poseidon and some other gods.

Anyway, my random trivia aside, I think Chronos is a cool name. Plus, he's super cute! Maybe he should be adopted as an only kitty, if other kitties make him aggressive. Then he would get all the people cuddles he needed, without sharing them with other kitties!
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He is so beautiful !
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Cronos thanks you all, as do I!

I am still in shock. This guy was supposed to be my "special project". See if I can bring him back from the bring of un-adoptability. Save him from possible euthanasia if it got too bad!!

And from the moment he got here to present, the only "project" I have is to see if I can reduce the intensity of his love bites! Oh, if only all project kitties were this easy!

And thanks to you all for the input on his name! My Googling must have come up short because of my spelling. Thanks to your input, and, Katiemae, if I have your (and your Cronus's) blessing, I think we will leave his name as Cronos, then!
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He's a real cutie pie. But I have been here trying to connect on the name and then I remembered the sci-fi movie I liked so much as a kid. And your kitty doesn't look anything at all like the monster. Yeah I know, it's spelled with a K, but that's what my Kats always do.
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Aww! he is handsome!! I better hide his picture from my maincoon girl Smokette!
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