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Hello I am new

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Hello Im Samantha and I breed Persian & Exotic Cats in Wellington , New Zealand
I am new to this group and just learning all the do's and dont's
my email address is captivating@xtra.conz and I hope to become a regular poster , Would there be anyway to share my fluffi's pic with you guys , I currently have 6 cats , 2 dogs and I just had my Rattie PTS on Saturday . My Nana, mum and I breed and show them very reliabily
I hope to make some new friends , both human and cat here
Thanks , Sam ( wellingtoncats )
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Samantha It's very nice to meet you. I hope you feel very welcome here and post often. We love to see kitty pictures! One good way of posting pictures is by using an internet site called You can load your pictures onto there and then link them here. It's a lot better than attaching a file directly onto the site because it takes up a lot of 'space' (insert technical term here).

Hope to see your posts often

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[color=indigo][font=arial][size=3]Hello and Thanks for the welcome , I am experimenting with color and fonts at the moment and I am sure I wil become and Alpha cat in no time , seeing as I am on the computer alllllll the time....LOL I will try this site thanks for the help , I have a webshots album should I post a link to that and A also have a site and a MSN Group , by just crusing around this site looks alot of fun! ByTheWay Roo and Tigger are very sweet
Look Forward to getting to know you better and also is there a chat room on this site ? Look out for more posts from me and I wil do the same for you and please call me Sam , Cheers , Also Tamme I checked out your pictures in your album, Very sweet ! :teddy: , Hope that sweet little teddy comes out , what a great idea having sweet little emotions like that

Sam ( wellingtoncats )
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Originally posted by WellingtonCats
I have a webshots album should I post a link to that and A also have a site and a MSN Group
That sounds great! It sounds like we'll see lots of pics from you. I can't wait!

Sorry Sam, no chat rooms here, just posting boards.

BTW, (insert technical term here) = bandwidth.
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Thanks You sound lovely !! Isnt easy to make friends on the net
:teddy: ohh BTW , LOL , I always use that term as well
Thats OK about the chat rooms , It looks like the boards here are a blast anyway

Sam ( wellingtoncats )
I am definitly going to be popping in and posting ! awww and I must say sorry for not posting this on the .."new cats on the Block".. but this was the first board I saw and it looked good so I posted.. Happy Easter To All who read this
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Hey Sam!!! welcome aboard!!

I'm sure you will love it here...

Happy easter to you too, and Happy Passover... (that applies to some of us )

You probably saw the forum for breeders, which I'm sure you will find extremely helpful.

We'll be seeing you in future posts!!
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Hey Katiecat
Thanks for another warm welcome !! BTW what does Happy passover mean , im curious?
Yeah I saw the Breeders Forum and have even replied to 1 persons post already , Thanks and looks as though your a recent member as But you have made a few more posts then me
Well have a good night as Im off to bed....Night Night and Thats me , lol , my heads in a

Sam ( wellingtoncats )
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Welcome Samantha! I love the international flavour of these boards, and seeing how, even though we live all over the world, our cat problems and joys are the same everywhere.

And if your question about Happy Passover was serious.......
It was the first day of Passover yesterday, and quite a few of our board members are Jewish, including at least two who are Israeli; our board "owner" Anne, and Nunny. Passover is an important Jewish holiday, the Easter story in the New Testament tells about Jesus visiting Jerusalem for Passover, so it always falls near Easter, but was celebrated long before Christianity.
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Hey Samantha!!!
Welcome to the site!! Hope you like it here as much as I do! And we'd love to see pictures of your fur-babies! (I'm not much help, though, with that sort of stuff.) Hope you become a regular!!!
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Hello and welcome!

Passover goes back to when the Jewish people were held in captivity by Egypt. The last plague God caused (to persuade Egypt to release the Jewish people) was Passover. Each person was to sacrifice a lamb to God and then to put some of the blood of the lamb over the door of the house. Anyone who did not do this - their first born son would die. When the angel of death came - it passed over any home that had the blood on the door. The Pharaoh's on son died and he did not want anything to do with the Jewish people and allowed them to leave Egypt. What happened after is another story, but the Jews celebrate Passover because it was their liberation day from Egypt.
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Hi Samantha!
I am from NZ myself - from Christchurch to be exact, but lived in Wellington for 2 years while I attended VUW.
Right now I am in North Carolina, USA - married an american.

Nice to see you here and hope to see more of you!
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Hi, Samantha and welcome. I'm Cindy and the guy on sig is Opie.
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Welcome to the site Sam! Sounds like you're already about halfway to your very own Cat Site addiction! LOL Many of us here are full-fledged addicts and proud of it.

I'll move this over to New Cats on the Block for you, but you've already gotten quite a welcome here.

Oh, and there is a post at the top of New Cats called How to Post Pictures that gives pretty detailed instructions on how you can share your kitties with us.
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Hi Sam! Just wanted to welcome you to the board. It looks like you're making yourself at home already. Can't wait to see pictures of your babies!
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Hi Samantha!! I also joined this site recently, and boy is it addicting!!! There are a lot of great people (and kitties) to get to know. I hope to see your posts and can't wait for pictures of your furrbabies!
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Hi, Sam! Welcome to TCS. You will have no problem making friends here. Just jump in and start posting. You'll find loads of friendly people here. We don't always agree with each other, as you can tell by the IMO forum, but we're friends! Let's see some pictures, ok?
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Hello Everyone !!!
I cant express how glad I am to have joined this board
Thank-You for explaining to me about pass-over
Also glad to know another kiwi onn the board , new Zealand is really a beautiful country with some of the worlds top cats Thanks also fopr moving me over the other board . Everyones kitties are just so gorgeous . Thank You

Samantha ( wellingtoncats )
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