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Political Statements in Member Signatures or Avatars

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As the political seasons of several nations are upon us, it has come to the attention of the Moderator Staff that posters are adding political slogans or messages to their signatures; or in some cases, using them to replace their signatures entirely. Signatures and avatars appear on each and every post made by members, to include such forums as "Crossing the Bridge" and "New Cats on the Block", where such messages are not appropriate. Signatures are subject in their entirety to the same rules that are applied to text and photo posting on TheCatSite as a whole. Any post or signature that is considered offensive or flaming will be addressed as such.

Although at this time, none of these messages are considered offensive, we are yet to reach the height of passion that will come to pass in the upcoming elections. Rather than taking such signatures and avatars on a case by case basis, and "splitting hairs" on such subjects as "how much politics is too much?", the Moderator and Admin Staffs have concluded that political messages, slogans, quotes and barbs will not be permitted in signatures or avatars.

Thank you for understanding.

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As we're getting closer and closer to the U.S. elections, among others, it's probably a good time to bump this reminder.
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AH, yes, good idea Tricia!!! Thanks. wavey.gif
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