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What are your views on 'lactose-reduced milk' for cats?

I know that my cat can't handle normal cows' milk so I treat him occasionally on 'Whiskers milk plus - lactose reduced', with no adverse reactions.

I just wanted to hear your views on this. I guess it's not normal for cats to drink cows' milk, even at adulthood; he just loves lapping it up and I feel bad denying him a saucer of milk!

I want to do what's best for him, even if that means taking away his milk!
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Well I would not feed him a saucer of milk, but no more then a teaspoon for a treat. If your cat will drink it and not get sick, I see nothing wrong.

Spooky got sick as a young cat with milk based products (like ice cream). He would not touch milk at all. Even when making scrambled eggs - if I put a little milk in them he would not touch it. If I didn't, he'd eat the eggs

Charlie loves a lick or two of milk from the cereal bowl or some vanilla pudding. He can tolerate some milk, so I give him a little as a treat.
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Ok, I guess a saucer of milk is a bit much - it's like a scene from Tom & Jerry haha!!
I'll stick to feeding him a tbsp, but he won't like it
Would a 1/4 cup still be too much?
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Yes, you really want it more for a treat - not a food/water source. Give him a little at a time. Even a 1/4 cup would be like us eating a 1/2 cake or something
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Cool, a tsp it is!! I guess he'll appreciate it even more
Thank you
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Just another quick question: would lactose cause tarter build up? Figos' due for a dental on Wednesday; he's only 3-4yrs old.
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i would not suspect lactose for causing a lot of build up ... Is the wiskers milk your giving designed for cats??
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Yes, made especially for cats and kittens.
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then a 1/4 cup is fine as it is "kitty milk ".. with good stuff for kittys
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My kitties all love the Whiskas milk, they share a saucer a few times a week. They also like lactose free 'people' milk, which works out cheaper than the pet milk.
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