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I had to do it last night-one sign of fall

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The TCS'ers in warm climates will hate me.

I took the wool quilt out of the closet and put it on the bed!!

It might be a bit early but the nights are getting cooler and the cotton blanket and the coverlet wasn't cutting it.

Bobs has been giving us a sign for fall to as she has been sneaking under the covers at night-for a tiny cat she gives off alot of heat.

I did wake up early morning as was a bit warm though and of course the windows are still open.
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Originally Posted by GailC View Post
The TCS'ers in warm climates will hate me.
I envy you.....
it was in the high 80s today.
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Same here in Ontario the nights are starting to get pretty chilly. When I went to bed last night around midnight the temp was 9(54). So my comforter is also back on my bed and all three kitties had piled in with me this morning.
Pixie and Sassy are content on top of the blankets, but little Linus loves to burrow in under the blankets..

Personally I like the cooler temps for sleeping.
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It's gorgeous and cool here as well and i'm loving every minute of it, especially at bed time because i love to snuggle down with the duvet over me
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I can relate! I've had to close my bedroom window. I leave it open about 2 inches all winter, but at this time of year the weather is cold and damp and for me that is the worst type of cold and it bothers my joints badly. I do have a water bed and keep the temperature constant all year. When the weather is warmer I tend to sleep on top of the covers, lately I've been pulling them up right under my chin. I get warm during the night and kick them off and wake up cold!
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Another sure sign for me are my bobcats. I was looking at them this morning and saw the long hairs starting to fill in. They are beginning to get their beautiful winter coats. By the beginning of October, their food intake will rapidly increase. When I see that, I know snow will be just around the corner. Of course, we have a while before we see that
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We are going to rely on John to tell us if it's going to be a bad winter by how thick the bobcats' fur is.

I love Fall
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I had 3 comforters on the bed! I can't sleep if I'm warm though so we still had the windows open It had to only be in the low 60s last night and didn't get much higher than 70* here today either! But perfect football weather
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Its been nice and cool here too, almost sweater weather This coming week the highs will be in the upper 60s- lower 70s
I love giving the AC a break and letting the cool breeze flow in!
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I had all the windows opened last night and it was chilly at 6 this morning. I wanted to SO call off work and snuggle back into bed with hubby and the kitties. It got warmer though. But it's cooling down again since the sun went down. This is the type of weather that give me colds...
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Another hi 90's day here. Quilt is a 4-letter word. The a/c has come on early in the am for about 2 weeks.

We are going to have a cold front move in tomorrow. Should only be in the 80s until the 90s return Sat. and Sun.
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Not the only one. Its been down to 40-50's at night and we got out the quilt last night too
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It's cool here, too. They're saying a high of 55ish for Monday! All well, means I can get out & exercise with the dogs more.
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It was a brisk 108 here today. Are you sure fall is coming
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Its been over 100 all week and it is still 102 right now.
They said it would be cooler today but it wansnt.
Want to trade weather so I can use the quilt?
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It's getting cool here at night too, and we've already seen flocks of geese migrating which is unusual this early. They normally don't start until the end of sept, so we may be getting an early fall here. The days are still pretty warm though. I love fall, but I'm not looking forward to winter. Maybe I'll just be a bear and hibernate through it!
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We are getting cool too! I don't like it
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That's it! When I retire, I'm moving to Minnesota! Most people want to go to a warmer climate...not me. It's going to be in the high 80's here all week and I'm tired of it. grandparents came to Minnesota from Norway and my Mom was born there. So that may explain why I'm inclined to cooler weather. It's that Norwegian blood.
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What's this thing you call fall? I live in Florida and we have only two seasons - Summer, where it's hot and unbelievably humid w/ heat indexes well over 100 degrees and (if we are lucky) 1-2 weeks of weather in the mid 50's to 60's . We can't wait to move
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Wow- you'd hate it down here Gail Lately i've been kicking all of the covers off me at night and sleeping with the fan on full blast I just get soo hot it's rediculious! I think part of it is just me though!
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Not the only one. Its been down to 40-50's at night and we got out the quilt last night too
We've been going down into the teens at night (14 celsius last night - that's about 57 degrees F) but up into 20's during the day. I fully open the bathroom window and bedroom window so a breeze blows across and through our bedroom. I start out with a sheet and 2 blankets and then toss off one blanket, then by about 4 am I've tossed off the other blanket and sheet. I find the temperature just perfect for sleeping. Hubby cuddles up with sheet and 2 blankets and is fine.

I have to say we've been having just perfect weather - not too hot and not too cold.
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