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Vibes for my mom's surgery tomorrow morning

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Mom is having her lumpectomy tomorrow morning. In fact she called and the would like her an hour earlier so I have to leave an hour earlier-EEK!!

She has to be at hospital at 7:30 so I have to be at their house by 7 am so I have to leave my house by 5 am!! The alarm usually goes off by 5:30 so this shouldn't be too bad.

I have the car almost all packed up just my overnight bag yet. Will shower tonite and set coffee maker so thats all ready-traffic should be pretty light though.

Debating whether or not to bring laptop-I have a couple skein of yarn ready though as Dad and I will be there up to 6 hours!!

Neil said drive their tonite but I've been wearing my new progressive bi-focals all day and now have a bit of a headache and would have to switch back to my old ones.

Mom probably won't sleep much tonite as I know she is a bit anxious.
I hope it all goes well.
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Sending lots of vibes that all turns out fine for your Mother.
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Prayers and vibes for your mom.
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Sending lots of prayers and vibes your way...Hope everything goes well and your mom's road to recovery is a quick one....

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Lots and lots of vibes for all of you : )
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I'm sure it will all go well and you all will be sighing with relief in 24 more hours.

My mom is up for her mastectomy on Tuesday--same schedule as your mom's.

Keep us posted when you have some news!

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Many many for your mother and your family.
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Major vibes on the way! May it all go perfectly!
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hope everything goes alright with your mums check up :|
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for your Mom
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and for both Moms.
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adding my & for a safe trip & successful surgery!
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Thinking of your mom!
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