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Kittens weight?

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Hi, here I am again, I have good so much help from this forum I will now try again!

When a female Persian is 5 weeks old what should her weight be? she weighs only around 9 oz., she was born at 2.2 oz! She is doing fine, but I was wondering if it will be too small for a breeding girl. She is gaining faster now she has started eating solid food!
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My Snowshoe just had a litter of four kittens. They are 9 days old, and three of them weigh 8 oz. That is pretty tiny for a 5 week old kitten. That means she is only half a pound! She should be a pound, or more at her age. Were her littermates bigger than her? Was she the runt?
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My six week old Siamese weigh 1 pound.
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the other cats in the litter is bigger (11 oz. to 15.5 oz.) she now gain around 1.4 oz a day!

Yes it was a big litter and she was the smallest from the start, but she is eating well but I will not have a too small cat because I plan for her to have a litter or two!
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I like to let you know that now the kitten at 7 weeks old she weighs 14.9 oz!

Do you think I should not buy her for breeding or wait to make the decision?
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How many is a large litter? I have a litter of 6 kittens and they are 6 days old and some of them weigh over 7oz. Your kitten is very small and should be checked for worms as well as have bloodwork to find out why she is so tiny! I would NOT buy her for a breeder. She is too small and you would end up having to spend $$$ for a c section every litter. At what age are they going to let you bring her home? A reputible breeder will keep the kittens until they are 12 weeks old.
Please keep looking!
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Teresa, thank you for being so honest with me.

I know the kitten is de-worm and the vet has examine them also. She was the smallest of a litter of 5. The other are bigger!

She will first leave when she is over 12 weeks old, properly 15 to 16 weeks, but now I really have got in doubt! I think I will keep looking...
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the kitten is up 20 oz. at 7.5 weeks old!

Isn't that good enough?
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