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Another low-buck cat toy...

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Well, how low depends on just how you "acquire" the raw materials!

First, buy a cheap electric guitar on e-bay. I paid less than $100 for this Jay Turser blem strat, including shipping. (Jay Turser makes as good a strat today as Fender made in the "good old days," and charges 1/4 of the price. Just like Yamaha made a better upright twin than Triumph, BSA, or Norton ever did, and just as Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, and Honda all make better Harleys than Harley does.)

It will come in a box that looks a lot like this:

You say you don't NEED an electric guitar? How do KNOW? OK, assuming you don't, you can get the identical box at a UPS shipping center. I have no idea what they would charge for one. You could probably find all sorts of similar boxes at all sorts of places.

Lay the box on its side, on the floor, and cut a kitty-sized door on each end. This will make it into an excellent kitty tunnel.

Add a few more strategically-placed holes. These are good for inserting fingers (if you want to risk them), kitty toys, or kitty paws.

Now all you need to do is add a few strategically-placed kitties!

And here's a video of the play, with Ella inside and Punkin on top. Watch for the sneaky tail grab, the white paw coming up out of the small hole, and the big orange paw going down through the hole!

Toy Box playing
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Oh we LOVE box condos! Now go out and buy a couple cartons of something - water is good. Get 4" wide masking tape (or just use duct tape) - and go vertical! We used to make wild mazes three or four boxes wide and three boxes high - and then change the configuration every few days. Toss some catnip toys somewhere in the center - and watch kitties go crazy chasing each other through the maze!

What a GREAT box! They must be loving you right now!

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yup, BC [before Chip] mine loved the box toys. we've had to cut down on them, tho, because Chip seems to think they're for peeing in...
see, here's one i made:

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How creative
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Yeah, the tail grab was pretty funny! Punkin didn't know what hit him!
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