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Spontaneous Lickins?

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Just wondering if this is a "cat thing".

I haven't really had cats I connected with until Alice showed up at our door. Over the last 3 years we've come to take her little quirk as perfectly normal... y'see, she will be in the middle of doing something(well, ANYTHING) and then she'll seem to have this sudden urge to lick a certain body part. In fact while giving her a belly rub(which still blows my mind that some cats LIKE that) she had an urgent need to lick my ring finger. We've checked for fleas long long ago(and several times since) and can't find anything wrong with her. So I guess it's normal that in mid chase of a ping pong ball across the kitchen floor she'll skid to a stop, lick her chest and then resume the hunt.

I don't know cats to well, is that more common than I think?(like the love of belly rubs apparenty is)

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Sounds normal to me. Some have accused them of using this little ploy to give them a chance to reconsider and reclaim their dignity, if need be.
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Yep! My cats do this too.. It's like "You did NOT just catch me going wild skidding across the floor..*ahem* *licklicklick* see I'm perfectly composed!"

Both of them love belly rubs too. Thor will actually turn over on his back to get a good scratchin'.

It's totally normal if any of the weird little things our cats do is normal!
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Hahaha! See, there I go, over-thinkin again she had an obsessive compulsive disorder
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Yeah, it's really pretty normal. My boyfriend's late cat would do that.... we used to joke... what if the human world was like that... like at work, in the middle of a presentation to your boss... seized by the urge ... to... lick!

Middle of a conversation... seized... by .... the ..... urge... to... lick! (That's very interesting, um, excuse me but... I MUST WASH MY FACE NOW!!!!)

That would be pretty funny!
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What's even weirder is when they decide to randomly lick you I have 2 that apparently like the taste of my skin

I also have a couple that enjoy belly rubs, not as much as Tig did though
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Butzie rolls over and loves to have her tummy-tum rubbed.

After I pet her anywhere, she will lick herself and sometimes me.

As for stopping in the midst of playing, think of when a cat plays with a mouse. The mouse will play dead. The cat will lick itself. The mouse thinks that the cat is preoccupied and tries to escape. The cat pounces. End of mouse. Well, maybe after a few more rounds of this.
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My Cinnamon does this to I've always thought it to be a bit strange but I've gotten so used to it anymore I expect it nothing better than a interesting game of chase the mouse and just when it's getting good you have to take a minute break to watch her clean a part that may have gotten dirty
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