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Well. This is a first. (mom + kit problem)

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Foster cat has been here less than two weeks, so I know NOTHING about her history.

Gave birth tonight. 2 kittens, male and female, tortie and orange. they seem fine. BUT She had them, she ignored them (to the point of not even eating placenta . I had to cut the cords) What she DID do was wig absolutely, t-totally OUT. Growling, hissing, and running. She gets near the kittens and she attacks ME. They try to nurse, she flips.

Obviously this isn't a nice situation. I'm bloody, and she's still freaking. She's never been super friendly, but she is NOT feral. At this point I've fed the kittens, and she's on the top shelf of my closet.

Has ANYONE EVER had this happen? If I can get near her, she's got to go to the vet...but this is just the strangest thing. I've had kittens ignored, but not ATTACKED!
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OMG! That's unbelievable! I wonder why she would do that. I have no solutions for you honey, sorry, I've never been through the birthing process before, but perhaps she's just not the mothering kind...?

Sorry I couldn't help. Perhaps the more experienced members could help you better than I.
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Wow, that is strange!
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Something is really stressing her and she will need a place were she and the kittens can nest.

Can you get a large crate for her and the kittens?
That way she would have a smaller space ("SAFE PLACE") also provide a large box for her inside the crate for her to nestle with the kittens as well as food, water and a litter box. Give her time - she is very scared.

Good luck and you are an angel!
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Is that where you've been, helping kittens grow?

I would have talked to you more about the cat during labor last night but we were watching that movie and my fiance said "what are you doing, no typing!!" =p

Sorry dear, come up here and I'll take them off your hands for you, I'm sick and need to keep my mind on nursing someone or something else.
btw, you were right... my temperature is getting higher, and I was only at work for a couple of minutes before my boss sent me home... grrrr...
I saw a fluffy blue bunny running down the road on my drive home... but that was probably more delisions?
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I should mentioned that she started in a crate. I let her go AFTER she flippd and went after a kitten. A nice quite closed Crate.

She eventually gave birth to one more kitten. The last one was still born and after she had it, she calmed down and she's still now what i would call mother of the year,s but she's letting the kittens nurse AS LONG as they're just in a box and she can get up and LEAVE. Just have to keep an eye on her.
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Maybe you could post this in the Breeders' Corner. I know yours isn't a purebred but, when it comes to birthing kittens, all cats do it pretty much alike.
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Becky, that is good news! Thanks for being there for her and the kittens.

Please keep us in the loop and I think kitten pics are most definately in order!!!!
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Maybe she doesnt like the confinement of the crate, maybe it is making her freak out. My nieces cat just had kitten, she had them in a pet crate, with the door off and they put it in another larger box, so she can get in and out ok without her dog being able to get to them, and she is in a quiet place also. Hope she will be ok, and the kittens too.
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She needs to be in a contained and quiet place with her family. You should keep the place where she is at fairly warm to help soothe her and relatively dark as well. I am sorry to hear about the still born and about her reaction to her family. She is probably really young and sometimes it takes a little bit of time for the mothering instinct to kick in.
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She's in the c omputer room, under the desk. no other cats or dogs or people about, and she can ignore me if she chooses (it's really the quitest room in the house) and the kits are in an open box. She's feeding them and washing them now, and even staying with thiem for bits in between, but I'll ddeifnately continue to keep a close eye on them
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