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Depo Medrol, are ther side effects?

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My vet gave my cat an injection of Depo Medro yesterday and I am just wondering if anyone has experienced any side effects in their cats.

Misty seems very tired today. She plays a little but then loses interest quickly and just wants to sleep. She's eating fine. She seems to be misjudging a little when she jumps from a chair to the bed which is about 2 to 3 feet from one another. She makes the jump but just barely. It almost seems like her back legs might be tired and not as springy when she jumps.

Now it's possible that I am watching her TOO MUCH because I am a nervous mom and lost a cat a couple of years ago after an injection of Acepromazine. He ended up with seizures and then started losing the use of his back end. So maybe I am making too much of this because of that experience and maybe Misty is just tired. Acepromazine is a very different medication and everything the vet said about Depo Medrol was positive and said no side effects. But that's what another vet told me about Acepromazine. So I'm a little uneasy.

The vet said she should not experience any side effects to the Depo Medrol but I am just wondering if I need to be concerned.


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Thats the shot Coco ha had alot of times for her Asthma. She has never had a reaction like that. she isnt allowed to have the Depro anymore because it causes her bladder problems to come back. It also can cause Diabetes. I never heard of a Depo shot causing that at all. Coco does get a lump after she gets the Depo and it lasts for about a month. How old is your cat? I really do not think the shot is causing your cats pronlems.
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Thank you for such a quick reply.

Misty will be 11 at the end of this month. The vet told me I shouldn't worry about side effects and that he gave her a half dose.

He gave it to her after she was closing her eye a lot and found no infections or anything wrong with the eye. But I told him that she has been very itchy around her face. So he said the depo could help with that.

Maybe I am overthinking things too much and obsessing too much but I just love her SO MUCH.

Thanks for your reply.

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My kitties are always much more sedate after having a Depo shot. They sleep more and are kinda 'druggy' acting, but they continue to eat and eliminate properly, so I just let them sleep it off. I figure the rest is good for their little bodies to combat whatever they're fighting, so it's a good thing.

Depo is a steroid, which is probably why he gave it to your kitty to help with the rubbing of the eye. Did he do a stain on the eye to see if there was a scratch on her eye or did he look for anything in her eye. I have a kitty who has airborne allergies and rubs her eyes when her allergies flare up. She has been known to rub the hair off around her eyes and she's managed to get an eyelash inverted into her eye which caused even further irritation. The vet gave us eyedrops and an eye lubricant to help her.
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My Coco used to get allergic reactions in her eyes but since she was about 12 it stopped. There was a cream I used to use that helped but I do not remember what it was.
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HI Karen, I've got a 2 yr old with asthma. Due to all the polin even though hes an indoor cat, he had a flair up and we needed to get a depo shot... I actually just called the vet to see if all this sleeping and lack of interest was due to the depo shot... The vet assured me it WAS, so Im sure thats the same thing happening to your baby...


Hope she/he feels better soon..


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