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Canned food dilemma

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I have been giving Tundra and Tacoma Fancy Feast mixed in with Authority to try to wean them off of the Fancy Feast that I used to give as I read the "junk food" thread on hereI mix it with Authority dry kitten food.

When I try to give them only the canned Authority with the dry food - they won't eat it. They only eat canned mixed with dry twice a day because both my husband and I work. During the day they have access to dry. I find that they do not eat a lot. They eat far less than what is expected for their ages of 16 weeks. They only eat about 2 heaped teaspoons of the Authority and Fancy Feast mix plus the 1/4 cup of dry at each morning and afternoon meal. So not only are they eating less than normal, they do not like the Authority kitten canned food. There are so few choices in canned kitten food.

We are on a budget - I have looked at the best choices of canned food as suggested and I cringe. What would you suggest that I can buy at a grocery store, Petsmart, Walmart, Target, Petland. All of those are near me.

Please help me I am at my wits end. They are growing so fast and I want to be sure that they are being fed well, yet it is economical for us. They LOVE the Fancy Feast. If I could feed them that they would be eating far more. They mew when that can gets opened - no noise for the Authority

Thanks so much. i know it's long but I wanted to give you as many details to wok with.
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I think of it like yummy food that is bad for you. Do not give in to them.
You may have to try other things. You may have to go up a little in price but it may be the consistency of it that they don't like.
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IMO, I'd rather they eat FF than no wet.
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I went by Petland today an got a pouch of Nutro wet food. Is that a better choice? There is only 1 kitten wet food choice. I will try that tomorrow.

Thanks for the advice.
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