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New Kitten

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Well I know I am waiting for another Somali but the female who was bred to one of the sires I requested did not catch. So I am now looking at 6+ months for a Somali. Since getting Kingston last year I have lost 3 cats, one to heart failure, and 2 to cancer. I felt I had room for another pet kitten also. So for the last 2 months I have been on a search for a pet kitten and finally found one!

I believe her color is blue bicolor? My question is how old do you guys think she is? I got her from a barn cat mother but she was born inside the house. The lady said she wasn't sure how old but she was eating on her own. She can eat both wet and dry but I feed her wet 5 times a day. Think thats enough? I know she was to young to take from her mother but the lady wanted the kittens gone because she is 9 months pregnant and won't have time for the kittens. IF I didn't take her who knows who would have. I did take her to the vet and health is all good. My vet and I thought she was 5 weeks? Here are her pictures and her name is Porcelain : )

Also do you think she is shorthair or longhair? The mom was shorthair but all her brothers were longhair. She was the shortest hair but I still thought she looked longhair but I really am not sure.

BTW I did apply at a Humane Society but I was denied, even though I was highly recommended by my vet, because I do not annual vaccinate my animals. I did call them and told them I do not agree with that policy and the protocol has been every 3 years since 2000.
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I would have guessed about 6-7 weeks, but who am I to argue with a vet?

Yeah, at least medium hair, probably long.

We have three cats at the shelter that would match her; I told them we need to have a white/gray cat sale.
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Yes she is a Blue Bicolor and I would guess about 6 weeks old. And she looks like a semi-longhair to me. Are you planning on maybe putting her in the household pet classes till you get your Somali? If so, start her about 4-5 months old She's pretty.

As far as feeding, I think I'd cut back a meal - 4 times a day and in another month 3 times a day. When she's about 5 months old, you should be feeding 2 meals a day. You know to get her spayed in about a month or two
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Are you planning on maybe putting her in the household pet classes till you get your Somali?
No I am probably not going to show her in household pet class because there are not any local shows anymore and I think the other shows within a decent driving distance don't do HHP class. I will have to double check. But I will work on socializing and grooming with her just in case
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What GK said! Pretty baby, be careful when grooming especially if you're thinking of color enhancing for shows!
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