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Bleeding gums - should I be concerned?

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My boy cat Thor has always had bleeding gums ever since we took him to the vet for his normal checkup when he was a kitten. Just recently we took both of the kids back to have their shots and the vet gave him an antibiotic liquid that he said might clear it up.

They aren't done with the medicine yet but what got me wondering was that a cat I used to have had bleeding gums too and it turned out she had cancer of the mouth and had to be put down Should I be concerned about Thor or is this just something that some cats have (the vet seemed to think maybe it was hereditary??)

He mentioned that if Thor bites or licks his lips a lot, that he might have to have his teeth pulled, but he never does any of that. At the same time, I don't want the big guy to suffer either.
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My first thought reading your post is that Thor might have Lymphocytic-Plasmacytic Gingivitis Stomatitis. The condition, basically, means that he is allergic to the plaque on his teeth. Here's some basic information:


Two of my cats have had this, despite routine dental care: a brother and sister (Franklin and Clarion). Both eventually had to have most of their teeth removed; in Clarion's case, hers needed surgically removed by a specialist. She was starving to death at the time from an inability to eat; the surgery added ten years to her life. (She died last December from unrelated kidney failure. Franklin is still going strong.)

If Thor shows any signs of decreased appetite, decreased grooming, weight loss, or oral pain, talk to your vet about this condition. If your vet is unfamiliar with it, find one who it. The vet who was initially treating Clarion didn't want to pull her teeth, claiming it was "too extreme," despite that she was starving to death. A more knowledgeable vet sent her to a specialist, and again, that added ten years to her life.

And yes, Franklin (and Clarion, before she died) eat food like regular cats, including dry food, despite having no teeth.

Good luck to you and Thor.
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A simple exam can tel if he has gingivitis and if he does he's at risk for heart disease so it should be dealt with.
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Before he gets his teeth pulled I would certainly get a second opinion first.
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Yes it looks like that LPGS picture. It sounds pretty serious. He's on the antibiotic that the dentalvet.com site recommends (clindamycin), but once he's done with them, won't the condition just come back?

The vet didn't seem too concerned by it even though it looked painful! I read about some of the symptoms. He doesn't have the greatest breath, though fortunately for Thor, he LOVES to eat. It's his favorite hobby

Is getting his teeth pulled the only remedy? I won't go that route unless it's causing him pain.. But he's such an easygoing boy, I don't think he'd ever show it if it were hurting him!

I'm just a concerned meowmy
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If Thor does indeed have LPGS, the antibiotic isn't so much treating the condition, but treating secondary infection related to the condition. And depending on the severity of Thor's case, the infection may come back when he's taken off of the clindamycin.

In my experience, removal of the teeth was/is the best option. My top cat Franklin, post-extraction, still averages 15.5 pounds, and is much happier and healthier as a result.

Note that simply pulling the teeth, in some cases, isn't enough, and instead a surgical "flap" procedure will be required. That removed teeth and roots down to the jawbone. It saved Clarion's life.
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Oh wow.. Is it an expensive procedure? (Not that money alone would keep me from helping my big guy - it wouldn't - just want to know what I'm in for as far as $$$)

Does the regular vet do this kind of surgery or is there a specialist I would need to see?
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