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Kitten biting through electric wires

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I have a very young kitten who's growing up just fine and is a real laugh machine, but he has a dangerous tendency to chew wires. Today he went so far as to completely cut the two wires of my mom's headphone/microphone computer set. This is annoying but not a serious problem, since I'm a techie person and fixing wires is an easy job, but I'm worried that he'll find his death chewing through 240VAC mains cabling.

How do I stop him? I've tried slapping him when I catch him in the act and yelling "NO!", but it's no use. The moment I leave the room he immediately jumps behind the computer and gets tangled up in wiring again.
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You can get a "bitter apple" liquid to apply to the wires at most pet shops. In addition, some people have made a pepper liquid with tabasco or some other chili sauce and put it on the wires, but they said the smell kept making them hungry for enchiladas!
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I have Bitter Apple spray - works well for my kittens/cats, and dogs! If that doesn't stop your kitten, then you may have to get the cord protectors which are like a plastic toilet paper roll.
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The safest way to prevent your kitten from chewing the wires is to prevent access to the wires themselves. There are a number of ways to do this.

A computer armoire cabinet will provide ways to conceal wires when the computer is in use, and completely block all access when the doors are closed. That's my preferred cat-proofing.

Much cheaper alternatives exist. At Radio Shack or any good electronics/hardware store, there's a corrugated, flexible plastic tubing made for protecting wires. Slip wires, especially your high voltage cables, into this tubing to help protect your kitten (and your wires): http://www.radioshack.com/product/in...entPage=search

If you have a bunch of cables at the back of your computer, often times an inverted letter tray will work to cover them and prevent feline access.

Also, make sure all wires and cables are anchored down, so your kitten can't bat at them and make them move, or put the entire wire/cable in his mouth.

The cheapest, quickest method, above, is that split cable tubing. I try to conceal all wires and cables in my home, but when I can't, I use that tubing for peace of mind.

Finally, remember that if your kitten chews through a power cable and manages to come through unharmed, he has just created a fire hazard that puts your whole home at risk!
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My home is more akin to a science laboratory than an apartment. I cannot possibly put protectors on all my wires (some of which change their position all the time) and hope to retain my sanity. I'll try with the bitter liquid, hopefully it'll be enough to get him to stop. I might also hang some non-liquidified inert wires around for him to play...
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Do NOT give him other wires to play with - he will not know the difference! Its like giving a dog an old shoe to chew on and expect him to know the difference between that and your good pair of slippers!
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I read reviews on amazon where the spray actually made some cats more curious about wires so I instead went to my local hardware store and got some clear tubing. Took all day but I dare say it looks nice as well as safe now.
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