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Question for Sunday Sept 7th

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Later today I am going to be helping my aunt make pies for the freezer which of course got me thinking of todays question...
It's a two-parter folks.

What is your favorite kind of fruit pie, and your favorite kind of non-fruit pie as well?

My two are peach, and coconut cream hands-down..
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mine would have to be apple for my fruit and non fruit mince and onion
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Fruit would be Pumpkin. That's a real big berry, right?

Non-fruit would be mince. And I have a great mince pie recipe from my late mother, one of the ingredients of which is green tomatoes.
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My raspberry pie has got to be my favorite.

I'm not sure about a non-berry pie......does pizza pie count???
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Apple hands down is my fave!!

Ummmm, non there such a thing?
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Apple hands down is my fave!!

Ummmm, non there such a thing?
My wife has a book of just apple pie recipes. They're all good; some are great!
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Fruit - peach, blueberry, French apple, pumpkin

Non-fruit - Chocolate Silk and Coconut cream
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Fruit-Pumpkin. Non-fruit. Mince pie.
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It's a toss-up, My Moms apple or her raspberry

And for non-fruit, Chocolate
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Apple and pecan pie!
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Fruit pie = apple hands down
None fruit=chicken and mushroom.
Jess x
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Someone once found out that I was a natural at baking pies.
I spent one winter season baking so many pies of so many kinds, taking a lot of time, and energy, that if I never see another pie in my life, that will be just fine with me.
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Lemon meriange pie yummy *drools*
Jess x
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Hot apple or hot blueberry ....ala mode of course or strawberry.

Coconut or chocolate.
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for Fruit, it was apple for a long time, but have for sure settled on Cherry for the #1 spot
For non fruit, Chicken curry (a la Calgary Farmers Market lol)
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Pumpkin for fruit. MMMM pumpkin.

Non-fruit... Er... chocolate or maybe pecan. Mmm pecan.
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That's pretty easy. Fruit: apple. Non-fruit: pecan. Hands down in both cases. I like lots of other pies, but wouldn't care if I never had anything other than apple and pecan. Good thing Rob likes 'em both, too, and I think they're at the top of his list, though he would miss the strawberry/rhubarb and the pumpkin, if they disappeared.
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Fruit- Pumpkin and Lemon Merainge
Non Fruit- Coconut Cream,Banana Cream,Chocolate Cream and Custard
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Fruit: Cherry or pumpkin or cranberry or key lime.

Non fruit: pecan, chocolate silk.
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Fruit: Apple pie

Non fruit: Steak and kidney
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Fruit- Pumpkin & Coconut Cream are good. I also love Lemon Ice Box too

Non-fruit - I really like French Silk Pie
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