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I put other because I enjoy both of them the same! but also I enjoy sprite and ginger ale
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We prefer Pepsi and I am drinking one right now.
I also love Cream Soda and Dr Pepper and Verners Ginger Ale and Cheer Wine.
If you do not know Cheer Wine is a soda.
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Dr. Pepper for me!
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I only drink Pepsi. If an establishment only serves Coke products, then I drink iced tea or water. Never Coke as it tastes like it has dirt in it to me. DBF drinks Coke but will drink Pepsi if Coke is not an option, so we buy both.
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Ok......I drink diet Sunkist as my soda of choice because of my blood sugar, but given the truest choice I'd drink nothing but Regular Coke or sweet tea, lol!
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
I MUCH prefer Pepsi....and live off it.
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i prefer coke, with a twist of lemon and lime

otherwise its tonic water or coffee, red wine at the weekends though haha
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I hate Coke and Pepsi colas, if I drink pop it is Sprite but usually I drink tea or water
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dr pepper is my drink of choice
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Coke!!! All the way!!!
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