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Cost of kennels

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I'm just curious if anyone has ever used a kennel service before.

Also, if you have a mom and kittens will they foster them?

I've been really stressed out lately, and once the babies come and I can coordinate it I'm taking a week vacation. Probably a cruise. but if it's a bad idea to kennel babies I won't do it and just wait until they grow up some.

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We are going away Friday morning until Monday afternoon for my boyfriend's sister's wedding, and we are boarding the cats at a fantastic kennel. It costs $19 a day, for both of my cats. They are able to stay in the "kitty condo" together, which I love because they've never been separated before and I don't know how hard it would be for them to be in separate condos. They get time out each day to play around, and the woman has all kinds of cat trees and toys for them to play with. I absolutely love this place, and she runs it out of her own home, so they always have someone around.

Ask the vet if there are any good places around that may cater to your needs. That's how we found this place; one of the vet assistants knew about this place and recommended it. Then call them and see what the prices might be.
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