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Has everyone survived ts hannah?

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The only damage I could see in my neighborhood was a few tree limbs down. There was a lot of wind of course, but I didn't see that much rain. Our power went out briefly about three times. Hope everyone else is OK.
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We've had lots and lots of rain and a little wind, lost a couple of shingles from the roof, but other than that, we're doing fine. We still have power, the rain is stopping a bit and the winds have calmed for the moment.
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I slept through it.
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It just started raining. Not sure if it's Hannah or just rain.
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I'm glad everyone is doing ok so far. We don't have to worry about tropical storms and hurricaines in my neck of the woods. I can't imagine having to go through the possiblities every year. Here in Utah we pretty much only have to worry about earthquakes. We always have "The Big One" hanging over our head though. It's enevitable and WILL happen some day with no warning.
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Hopefully, no one gets any major damage from TS Hannah.

The good thing about hurricanes is that we do have a whole week in advance. warning!
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We got hit mostly with the flood waters. I didn't even realize it would get this bad, because last night around 7, we went out and the rain wasn't that bad. Apparently Manchester got hit the hardest. There were flash floods in southern New Hampshire, with the rain going up to the wheel wells on some cars. Police and fire had to save people from their cars and some from their homes too. From reading the local newspaper it said 6 feet of water went into the police station garage. Here in Concord, it says we got 5.20 inches. I don't think they were expecting it to be that bad though.
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hey in sunny england we dont have nothing like that really the odd flash floods when it really rains but nothing to worry about, so saying that its been quite bad not to far from me, floods were about 2 foot deep

Glad everyone is ok across the pond
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We have some very large limbs down and I have a rose trellis down. We did lose power for quite a while as well. We did get over 4" of rain, but thankfully none in the basement.
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It was essentially a noreaster by the time it arrived here so nothing serious, a few downed trees and mega rain, some power outages. I wonder where Ike will g?
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