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Tangled fur

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I just got my longhaired kitty, Mocha, spayed. The problem is that the fur on the edges of the shaved area is matted. Oh, matted, heck, it's tangled and knotted good. It's NOT going to brush out, and it's stuck to her skin in spots. I figure the only thing to do is to wait for it to grow out a bit (and after she's got the stitches out, maybe?) and cut them out. Any advice?
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Wow, sounds like a "sticky" problem.

What about dampening a cotton pad/soft wash cloth with warm water, and gently cleaning that area?

Also, i would use a greyhound comb with long hair kitties. (See pix of comb in previous posting - it is the metal looking comb.)

After cleaning the hair and skin, gently comb the hair out. i would be very careful. If you like you could dust a little powder (i use non-talc jojoba oil - made of mainly cornstarch and oats) with a tiny blusher brush.

When i first adopted Venus, she was shaved as well. i was very careful in handling that area when grooming her. Usually, i wiped clean that particular skin area very gently with a moistened cotton pad. i would not use a slicker brush around that area, just a greyhound comb.

Also, i would recommend a tiny pair of scissors with round ends (this is actually human nostril scissors.) i like the round ends, as they won't harm the kitties. i used this to remove the strings very slowly and carefully after about two weeks.

Don't know how much i helped, but here are the pix.

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Here is the same pair of scissors in the case:
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Here is a pix of the metal comb (great grooming comb for long hair kitties!)
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mats are very difficult to remove. They won't grow out they will become more matted and the hair around them will help it to grow. Matts will actually begin to pull the hairs out as they pull tighter and tighter. The stress free way is to trim them off.
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Just carefully tease them out coz if you leave them they will only get worse , Good Luck with whatever you decide to do !!
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