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Little mewing feral

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We picked this approx. 5 week old feral girl up on Thursday night. Poor little thing has fleas, ear mites, probably worms, probably conjunctivitis, and is dehydrated.

Yesterday morning she was looking very "flat". She had 2 good feeds yesterday though which has really perked her up. So 5am she was mewing incessantly which woke me up. I gave her some more food (she had dry food in the cage, which she seems to have munched on as well), heated up the heat pad, and went back to bed. She was still mewing incessantly, so I put in ear plugs, and put a pillow over my head

DH was woken by her at 6:30, so he went and checked on her, gave her a pat (as much as he can without getting attacked ), and couldn't get back to sleep after that.

She used her litter tray last night which is good - a nice solid poop!

She's going to the shelter today where they'll sort out her issues, then probably give her back to me to foster.

I assume the constant mewing is just because she's been separated from her family? We've tried trapping her siblings and mother, but they knew our game and wouldn't let themselves be trapped.

Anything else we can do to help her feel more comfortable?
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When we first rescued Lazlo, he was too scared to do anything. After 24 hours, when he was fed and finally used the litter box (and had been to the vet), - and was comfy in Gary's arms and his purr motor was working - he stood next to the front door and meowed for two days. We got him a leash, took him out, he FREAKED at the sight of one of our ferals and got off the leash. I spent the entire day lying on my belly next to where we used to feed them with Chicken. He finally came to eat it, I grabbed him and brought him back inside. He never meowed again to go out.

Long story - short answer. I think she misses her family, and I don't think there's much you can do. MAYBE a snuggle kitty would help? http://www.petsupplies4less.com/Snug...utm_medium=cpc

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Here's a pic of her:

DH just gave her a good pat - she hisses and spits as his hand comes towards her, but once he's patting her she's fine, she lets him rub her head and her side, with a little hiss here and there, but generally looks as though she doesn't mind it. I'm not brave enough to put my hand near the mouth of a spitting kitten

Edit: And for comparison, this is Marissa from the litter we trapped a couple of months ago near where we found these guys. I'm thinking they have the same daddy!

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I don't have anything to add other than what everyone else has said, but I just wanted to say that both of the babies are adorable
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If he can reach in to pat her, can he scoop her up and bring her out if he does it slowly, or with a towel on his hand? I'm thinking that when you get her back from the vet, take her in a room alone, and try take her out of the cage, cuddled in a towel, near the chest if possible or in a lap, talking softly and reassuringly while slowly moving her. Have baby food on a spoon ready to go, so if she's not completely freaking, or so scared she just gets stiff, you or he can try petting her if she starts licking the baby food? Just handle her as much as possible to help get the purr motor going. She's young enough she should learn pretty quickly that people are good, and after having been so traumatized at the vet, being OUT of the cage may help a lot.

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We can easily take her out of the cage, but unfortunately I didn't read this until just now. I will try hand feeding her and snuggling her tonight.

She did so well at the vet Didn't fuss, didn't squirm, she was very well behaved!

She got fluids (I can't believe how much went into her!), she got some more Advantage, dewormed, and some other injection - I think she was too young for her FVRCP, so I'm not sure what it was!

She was 1 lb 4.5 oz, so we're guessing about 5 weeks. I'm glad she's getting what she needs
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