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I'm back and ONLINE! (Long)

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FINALLY! I managed to get an earlier appointment to set up my internet, cable and home phone

The move went fairly well, although it was a LOT of driving. We drove back and forth 3 three 6-7 hour trips all in a 3 day span. The actual packing up of the truck in London and taking it here was fine. But when we got to my apartment to move in, they had let the previous tenant stay in there, so I did not have a place! We were all there, with truckloads of stuff, with NO apartment to move it into

Josh and I were so tired from all the driving and getting up at 4am that we didn't even get mad, we just sat there and thought about what to do...this was the day before I started a brand new job..etc..

The apartment manager said that they had another apartment in another building, so we looked at it. It isn't as nice, and not renovated like the one Josh picked for me, but we had no choice but to take wasn't going to be ready for us until 6pm. We finally got all moved in at around 9pm (yes the day before I started my new job).

So....after all that, I am finally done my first week of work..and catching up on some sleep today, and will be taking a nap later on. I still have alot to unpack since I have had no time this week. I hadn't even had my coffee maker, or dishes unpacked until just this morning. Imagine going througha all this with no coffee

Trout did very VERY well on the car ride. She just meatloafed behind the drivers seat with saucer eyes the whole time. I had her litterbox in the car with us, and her food and water so she had everything she needed. She didn't freak out at all and was SUCH a good girl. I am so blessed to have such a well behaved girl. Through all this, she had no accidents, no freak outs or anything. She is completely comfortable here now and just lounges around spread eagle (no air conditioning here). She watches the birds from the balcony windows, and she has alot more running room for fetch here too Her and Josh are getting along so great...the other day Josh said "I can't wait to move in here and have a cat!" And I hear him talking to her when I am in other rooms

Josh is SO amazing. He is going to be a phenomenal husband...and he somehow makes me more calm just being around me. He is so helpful, and "manly". When it comes to broken stuff...the next time I turn around, he has it fixed. If I say something in passing about something I need to do or put away...I turn around and its done. I could not ask for a better spouse...I am so blessed to have him in my life. I have never realized how good a relationship could be until now.

My new job is going to be very interesting. I am going to be adjusting auto claims. I am in an office of about 16 people, and my auto team has 3 other women on it. The woman thats training me seems really nice and she is a great trainer. Everyone there seem really genuine and happy to be there. My boss is VERY UNLIKE my old boss. He is not personal at all, which is good..and most importantly, he is not a perv. I am so used to brown nosing, but its not working with him, I will need another technique I guess

You'll love this, yesterday I went to a golf tournament with my new office and about 100 insurance brokers. I had never swung a club in my life before was quite amusing Had fun though, and there was free booze, and food as far as the eye could see! Not to mention a great dinner and lunch..etc.. I met alot of people.

Well, I think thats about it..I am back!!! I missed you guys, it has been CRAZY without internet for a week. I feel so out of the loop!
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Nat! nice to see you here!...
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Aww I am so happy your happy and back online!
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Welcome back. Bummer about the apartment though. Did you get a break on the rent since it wasn't as nice?
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Welcome back!

Glad little Trouty didn't get too stressed
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Welcome back!! I'm glad to hear everything is going well!!
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Welcome back!! We missed you! I'm so glad you're all moved (if not unpacked) and I'm glad Trout did so well and is settling in fine. If it was me, I would have put the coffee pot on the front seat, with a seat belt around it to keep it safe and put Josh in back with Trout! I can't LIVE without coffee!

Just reading about Josh made me smile. Men like that are hard to find, and you are lucky. Sounds like a perfect match!

Oh, and can I get a job with your company? First week on the job and you are already playing golf and living it up! Of course, if I had been there, I probably would have sliced the ball right into the bosses head and knocked him out. Yeah, golf isn't my thing, but the food and booze sounds great!
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Welcome back!
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Sounds great Nat, sorry about the apartmentThat's great news about Trout
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Welcome back!

So glad to hear you managed to get moved and are settling in. Good news about Trout though! We need pictures of her in her new digs!

Sorry about the apartment, that sucks Are they planning on renovating the one you are in? What about a discount on it because of the inconvenience you had?
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Originally Posted by Natalie_ca View Post
Welcome back!

So glad to here you managed to get moved and are settling in. Good news about Trout though! We need pictures of her in her new digs!

Sorry about the apartment, that sucks Are they planning on renovating the one you are in? What about a discount on it because of the inconvenience you had?

Natalie, did you sign a lease for the other apartment? Was it specific about that apartment and that date. I would check that out and maybe talk to a realtor for the rules about that.

That being said, I never rented an apartment in my life. After grad school, I moved in with DH in his apartment and then we bought a condo then houses. I know, I am an exception.
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Glad to read that everyone survived the move.

I hope you had some coffee at work!! The golf outing sounds too funny.
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glad to hear that you arrived safely & were able to locate a living space. nice that Trout had such a nice trip, as well! i agree - you should be paying less rent or get some sort of accommodation for the inconvenience you experienced.

my only question - does Josh have blue shorts?
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Originally Posted by laureen227 View Post
my only question - does Josh have blue shorts?
I think you mean "boxers or briefs?"
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I am so happy that you are so happy Nat I hadn't gotten to say hi to you since I left for a while after Tavia died and so I have missed out on alot but it sounds as if you are very happy and for that I am so glad. I hope to talk to you soon and I hope you get a discount on the apartment.
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Glad to hear the move went well and both you and Trout are happy in your new home...
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Welcome back, and congratulations on a successful move. Glad to hear that Trout did well on the trip and is settling in, and Josh...yep, you found a good one!
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What wonderful news! A new job, a new apartment, a new husband, and a whole new life! I hope all goes well. And welcome back!
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What a time you've had getting into your new place! That must have been frustrating. Glad your back though. Hopefully it will be smoother sailing now.
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Natalie i'm glad your move went well and you're finally settling in now!!!

Trout sounds like she was a very good girl the whole time
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